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  1. Great video Coach Jasnau, I definitely agree with your analysis and will keep these tips in mind when i am out on the lanes.

  2. Great lessons for reviewing our spare shooting strategy.
    When I switched to 2 handed style, the so wished extra-hook became an enemy for single pin spare shooting, more the 10 pin at all. The 7 pin is easier for me with a little hook before hitting it. Conversely, the 10 pin and with my hand position (tilt and rotation), decreases the average at less than 50% because even the polyester spare ball hooks a bit!
    While I was practising and correcting my aim, I discovered a “trick” for this hideous pin: I threw an asymmetric ball (Physix or Crux Prime) from the 35-20 or 35-15 (35 dot, 20,15 arrow) and when the ball went to the exit point (in this case break-point too at 5 or 6) it changed direction in a angle-shaped movement directly to the 10 pin. Since then, this shot is more accurate for me than the straight one cause of the hook and works well in my case.

    I still need to improve my hand position so as to throw straight with polyester for reducing the hook, but meanwhile this “trick” has helped me to not lose bonus for spares and increase my scores.

    Saludos desde México.

  3. Awesomeness! BTW, what board do I stand on for the 10 pin? I get the target part but where should my feet be? Thanks. Love all your videos!

    1. Most right handers will be sliding at the foul line about the 30-35 board to cross around the 4th arrow to the 10-pin. Good luck and thanks for watching!

    2. I usually stand on the 37 board and get my ball to 22 or so at the arrows, sliding on the 35 board. If the lanes are torched (like on the Cheetah pattern; I swear, that pattern used to be more scoreable than house shots…now I’d rather bowl on the US Open pattern ffs…sorry for the rant lol) I’ll give it some loft. In the case of the cheetah pattern, a LOT of loft. Like out to the arrows loft. I throw a spare ball (Brunswick T Zone) at all my spares fyi.

  4. Today I consider the 10 pin to be the easiest common leave. Back before spare balls I didn’t think that. I believe in throwing a strike ball at the bucket, not a spare ball.

    I know of a spare that is harder than those in this video – the 1-3-6-8-10. It was a common leave back in the 1980s before we had big hooking balls. You used to have to stand on the right and throw it toward the pocket. If you missed left of the head pin you could leave the “dreaded spare.” Sometimes I see someone leave it in league but I haven’t left one for many years. It is super hard because if you hit the pocket it usually can’t get the 8 because of the missing 5. If you hit the left side of the head pin the ball deflects and misses the 8. If you somehow get the head pin and the 8 you can easily miss the 6 or 10.

  5. Watched this video, and it was in my head when I made the 6 – 7 split today. Not on your list, but your video helped.

  6. i looove the washout spare. Only because im very consistent when it comes to shooting brooklyns, I’ll tell myself to shoot a pocket shot and it’ll go brooklyn haha

  7. the 2-4-7-8 was harder for me because it got that back pin, what makes it harder is the lane condition, if there is oil outside it won’t hook enough and lots of crap can happen but I throw it Straight at it

  8. Not left often by those that hook, but I see this left more by beginners who throw the ball straight and it’s a tough spare, the 1-5-8-9. It’s very hard to pick up with a hook.

    1. Thanks for watching, glad that you’re liking our videos and I hope they are helping you on the lanes!

  9. It seems like the pros consider #2 to be the hardest, but I’d say it’s more like 1a and 1b with those. So many ways to miss both.

  10. The toughest ones for me are 1) Washout and 2) Bucket (always leave the 5-pin whenever I miss)… I tend to do better with the corner bucket (3,6,9,10) vs the 3,6,10… Mentally I feel more comfortable with the sleeper pin not sure why; it’s probably because it’s a harder spare that I pick up more often whereas the 3,6,10 is the easier spare that I miss most often since I do struggle with the 3,10 baby split. I use urethane as a spare ball as opposed to hooking the ball into a spare ever since bowling in college….. Great video, I’ll definitely try changing the angles on the washout to see if I can improve the fill %

  11. Honestly a super hard one is 2 horizontal pins. You have to throw straight in the middle and hope it works. (Quite rare to have this though, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen it

  12. For me the washout is the easiest spare there is, i have 1 ball that always hits the 1 pin perfect for that spare, no matter how i throw it

  13. I was today years old when I found out that a split isn’t a spare.. I thought anything left after the first shot was a spare. Thanks y’all !

  14. The only one here that’s particularly difficult is the single outside corner. Every other leave (double, bucket, washout, etc) is the exact same shot, take out the mild solid and hook into the outside of the front most pin. You just need to hit with drive

  15. I also think that the 5-6-9-10 for righty’s and the 4-5-7-8 for lefty’s is pretty difficult

  16. Swap the headpin for the other corner pin on the washout or super washout and you’ve really got something challenging. Not only have you increased the angle required to hit the ball-side pin(s), but you’ve also virtually eliminated the possibility of splitting the gap with the ball.

  17. It’s pretty tough to pick up the 5-pin, due to the added pressure of having to buy beer or shots if I miss…😉😃

  18. Whenever I get the bucket, double wood, and 3-6-9-10 I just imagine I’m hooking it at the single pine hiding in the back. It works for me. 10 pin is the hardest for me right now.

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