21 Comments on “How to Practice Hooking a Bowling Ball at Home”

  1. It is and remains a pity that these kinds of tools are not for sale in Europe without the much too high import costs from America

  2. Been practicing the yoyo release, trying to Increase rev rate…. should the uncupping occur before rotation around the ball, or at the same time as rotation?

  3. Hey Mike, love the content. Question – will this help to fix a double dribble in my release? Friends pick on me about my double dribble saying they know my ball will strike when they hear it.

    1. You mean to tell me you don’t have an old rev mat laying around anywhere? Thought everyone owned one of those…Bahahaaa

    1. Work on getting behind the ball I think everyone can do it with drills and making sure you exercise your wrsit

  4. Even though I hook the ball fine and don’t have killer revs like some power strokers do, there is always room for improvement.

  5. I forgot to read the second part of the title and accepted money for human interaction and now I’m a convicted criminal. 🥺

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