26 Comments on “How to Slide Properly When Bowling. Quick Drills to Bowl Higher Scores.”

  1. These are some great tips. I admit I plant my foot instead of sliding. I’ve been told by a few pro bowlers that I should work on sliding because it would create more leverage and help me get the ball out on the lane more. I am already working on other things, but eventually I hope to incorporate a slide into my game.

  2. I’ve lost a majority of my right leg power due to a back injury many years ago so I tend to plant as well, but I will try this to see if maybe I can get back to sliding at least a little.

  3. More versatility? You didn’t say how sliding does that. Heel planters don’t have much trouble with approaches: sticky or slippery. A heel planter in our league has bowled many 800 series in different houses. That lack of versatility I could use.

    1. @Ken Fleming The slide approach extends the interval during which you can make adjustments and provides for a smooth (repeatable) transition. Planting results in an abrupt transition without opportunity for finesse. No problem if you do it well, and consistently.

  4. No thanks to my first pair of bowling shoes I had a decent average, mostly due to standing at the foul line and lofting the ball, now for the first time I have an expensive pair of bowling shows that will, oh my gosh actually slide, beyond once or twice and then break the slide on me. So I have no idea what it will be like when I am not tripping over myself due to sticking on every shot will feel, like………ah to bowl well without wanting to throw my crapy equipment on the first frame……To think I didn’t need a PBA sponsor to get that done, I used to joke about that one.

    1. Hey Jason, did the shoes help? I’ve been looking and talking to people and they all say bowling shoes are “you get what you pay for”. Is this true? Did it help your slide? Thanks

  5. Thanks coach, I’m a 52 year old and only been bowling going on 3 years now. I’ve been learning so much as I go i.e. rule of 31, spine tilt and I’m really struggling with the slide. Heading to the alley tonight and really going to work on it using these tips/drills.

  6. This is a big problem for me, I’m definitely planting my heel and after 2 games my left hip is destroyed and takes a few days to heal. Thank you for pointing this out.

    1. To add to my issue, my backswing is too low and I’m in the flat spot during the heel plant maximizing the stress on my left hip. I’ll try to open up and get a higher backswing, and concentrate on getting a proper slide while my backswing arm is parallel with the floor.

  7. This is the video I’ve been needing. Had joint fusion surgery on my plant/slide foot. Planting is a no go now, so I need to learn to slide

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