20 Comments on “How to Use Rosin in Bowling. Pro Bowling Tip to Throw More Strikes.”

  1. How is rosin helping to grip better? I recently tried it and the thumb wants to exit earlier and faster. An i doing something wrong? If i drill a new fiting and i don’t use rosin, the ball easily can get stuck in my thumb a couple of times. If i use rosin, it drops early.

    1. @Fejix87 Hm, i have to check, you might be right. But i also want the thumb to exit quickly, and i also sweat easily and want grip during the swing. So what should the solution for me be?

    2. @The Therion The idea for using rosin is so you can relax your grip and apply little to no pressure with your thumb. I use it and apply no pressure with my thumb, it is completely relaxed and thumb does not stick at all. It actually helps with a consistent release as well as getting more “turn” on the ball.

    3. @The Therion It sounds like a PuffBall Shannon mentioned in the video may be right for you. I also tend to sweat quite a bit and get damp palms. The puffball keeps my hand dry, but unlike rosin it’s not tacky so the ball doesn’t stick to my thumb during the release.

    4. @Steve G Ηi ! I already use a puffball, and it helps for sure. I guess i have to try the other powder as well.

  2. I have never used rosin on my thumb. If I am exiting the thumb too quickly, to me that means my thumb hole is too big and I would need to add tape. On a rare occasion, perhaps when there’s a lot of humidity in the bowling center, I’d use it on the fingers.

  3. When you said that you’ve increased your forward pitch, I think you are probably talking about your thumb pitch, right? I’ve gone from the old traditional reverse pitch to forward pitch in my old age. The pro shop that I’ve gone to for a decade or so doesn’t go with forward pitch for anyone except me as I asked him about that recently. It’s allowed me to relax my hand in the ball it’s allowed me to repeat shots a bit more consistently. I don’t have to work so hard holding on to the ball. Another thing the music intro seems to be extremely loud. Can you turn it down a bit? Thanks for all the tips. They’re great!

  4. thanks from Spain for your videos, i follow all of them. It’ii be possible for you to make a video for wrist support or give an advice wich one to get? i’m almost 73 years old trying to learn…thanks again

  5. I know of a bowler that tops his ball every first shot of the frame with rosin. And won’t wipe the ball clean.

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