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Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney and USBC certified gold coach Frank Buffa talk about some bowling drills to help bowlers hit their targets consistently. Lining up with your target and ball grip are two crucial pieces. Watch this video and practice up on these drills so you can improve your accuracy today. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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7 Comments on “Improve Accuracy with Bowling Drills | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. great Video but got a question about it.
    My friend is a league Bowler with 170 AVG but he doesnt like to target Arrows or Boards he focus on the Pins and i wanted to help him to learn to Target the Arrow’s since he wanted to learn that too since he doesnt think to Concentrate on the Pins helps his Game and gets a big scattering angle sometimes 5 boards left then right is there a way i can help him since we dont have Coaches in or Region ?

    1. Verybadtime if it works for him, let him do it. Our top coach at my alley has a 230 house average, 210 sport shot average, and he stares down the pins

  2. so let me get this right… to be more accurate, practice hitting your mark with your eyes closed? Do you have any better ideas?

    1. Hi,

      Coach Buffa’s recommendation for closing the eyes while delivering is to have the bowler focus on a loose downswing and avoid pulling down or steering the ball while they might be straining to hit an exact target. While it does seem counterintuitive to consider closing the eyes the purpose isn’t to stop seeing the target, (which the body’s alignment should be in the direction of).

      One way to assess accuracy might be to video record the ball rolling over the target (while using the eye closing technique) and determine if multiple shots are beginning to get closer than with eyes open. Also look for tracking devices in your area such as Computer Aided Tracking Systems (CATS) or SPECTO monitors for help with targeting, ball speed, launch angle etc..

      Drill for targeting can include placing markers or tape on the lanes for visual feedback, playing the outside part of the lane, close to the 1st or 2nd board, to train the swing to be accurate, or perhaps setting up a pvc gate with a marker or chain for feedback as to where the balls delivered. See video: (

      Thanks for the question and for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

    1. Hi David.  Targeting at the outside/middle/inside parts of the lane are essentially the same. If you’re choosing to practice targeting and accuracy while sliding toward the left gutter (or further for right handed players) simply choose a target and align yourself the correct number of boards left so you’re sliding and delivering the ball toward it.Consider having two targets, one in the front of the lane and one in the back of the lane, to complete the desired trajectory of the shot. Playing a deep inside line is not uncommon in todays game and practicing it is important to be successful.Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy

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