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Early in the 2019 PBA Tour season, PBA players have converted several difficult splits and washouts on FOX and FS1. Here are some of the biggest through February, featuring Kyle Troup, EJ Tackett, Wes Malott, Norm Duke, Jesper Svensson, Sean Lavery-Spahr and Mookie Betts.

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33 Comments on “Incredible Split Conversions on 2019 PBA Tour Telecasts”

  1. There haven’t been a whole lot of high scores on the TV finals this year. But, these spilt conversations make up for it. Insane!

    1. for every split you see get made there’s 2-3 that aren’t so hence poor bowling

    2. @orgonko the wildly untamed lol so you make these spares on the daily while your paycheck is on the line?

    3. The lack of high scores, goes to show how much more difficult it is to succeed at these professional oil patterns, which demands a lot more precison. One ball can go high, while a single board adjustment right can gutter ball.

  2. Kyle Troup is my favorite spare shooter. I just love his energy whenever he makes a spare. I thought he was going to make the 2 8 10 lol

  3. I managed to pick up the 6-7-10 in a high school state bowling tournament. Normally my “strike ball” I line up on the approach in a direct line with the 2nd arrow (I’m a right hander) . Pretty standard shot.

    When I left this split one of the guys on the team told me to “stand all the way over the left, aim at the 2nd arrow on the right and just throw your normal shot”. I’m thinking “no way it will stay out of the channel”

    Sure enough, I throw it, it curves perfectly, with about 2 boards to spare and slides the 6 over to the 7 and the ball takes out the 10.

    FYI, my ball then (and still is) a Galaxy 2000 plastic ball. So no fancy reactive urathane.

  4. Some of these were not splits & not that difficult for accomplished bowlers. Others, like the 2-4-8-10, 3-4-6-7-10 and 8–10 splits are very difficult. Amazing conversions there.

    1. Amazing shot. It wouldn’t work without the 4 taking out the 8, and to throw the shot with that much hook on it makes it all the more impressive.

  5. True MOTIVATION… Sean lavery-spar’s 8 .. 10 spare was spare of the year….. No one has ever done that on TV before… That I can remember in 47 yrs..

  6. The 7 10 split has been made only three times on PBA Tour TV. The last one was in 1991 in Tucson Arizona.

  7. the 2-4-8-10 is so hard because you have NO idea where those pins are going to deflect. (but, if you can hook it with his speed, prol a little easier 😉) impressive af

  8. 1:11 This washout conversion ultimately gave Svensson the match win. His final score was 201; Rhino Page needed 2 strikes in the 10th to win, only to leave a stone 8 on the first shot.

  9. So, to recap, the 2 4 8 10 was made more than 4 TIMES in this one year. One by E.J Tackett, and the other 3 were made during the week of wsob. One by Ronnie Russell, and the other 2 were done in the SAME HOUR during the scorpion championship by Kris Prather and Billy O

  10. Watching the pros leave these monstrous splits makes me feel better about my own bowling.

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