Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds

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PBA Tour champion Jason Belmonte tries to throw the most strikes in 90 seconds during the PBA League Challenge skills competition during the PBA Viper Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge on ESPN.


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65 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds”

  1. This is 1 of those situations whoever set this up failed.
    Each lane should have been set to 1 ball throw only (basically set to the 2nd throw).

    This way, the lane would recycle pins faster even if they didn’t strike.

    I agree with Belmonte, the last shoot not counting was crap.
    Even if the ball was in his hands, it should have counted since the lane wasn’t even ready and he still got it since he already started his approach to throw it before time ran out.

    1. Exactly. If you’re going to have a challenge to throw as many strikes as possible in 90 seconds then everything should be set up to reset as fast as possible and he should have as many balls as he needs all ready to go.

    2. It was HIS FAULT it wasn’t ready. Not intentional, but it was a NATURAL part of bowling with how the pins are scattered than caused the slight delay.

      I will make this comparison again since there are so many whining little babies on this thread…if, during the NBA three point shootout (something watched by literally millions of times more people than the 5 people who watched this or ANY pro-bowling event) if a shooter shoots just a little too strong on a shot, the ball much clang off the back of the rim and come straight back to them. Getting in the way and/or interrupting the rhythm of their next shot. In act, this probably happens AT LEAST once a year in the 3 point shootout. And yet NO ONE whines that the player should get a free point added because it was unfair.

    3. @KnickKnack07 – Your argument about NBA shootouts falls flat very quickly.

      In Bowling, you are waiting for the machine to set pins BEFORE you can go. THAT is the point of the entire argument for this. The people that ran the event should have set the machines so it would always default to ball 2, this way EVERY THROW, even if pins are left, it would knock then down. That’s NOT what happened, it was set to ball 1 and they would have to WAIT for the machine to cycle through and reset the pins. How the hell is this on Belmonte? He’s not the one that set the machines like this.

      Furthermore, I’m proven right because in a another event just like this one, they did EXACTLY what I said and set it to ball 2. People were able to get easily 3 to 8 more strikes during this timeframe. You honestly don’t know about bowling and it shows. I’ve bowled in leagues since I was very young, I’m not just some random person that has never picked up a bowling ball before.

      In NBA, you can keep going as fast as you want as long as you have a ball. Most of those have the basketballs in metal racks already prepared for them. Also, if the ball comes back at them, these actions are due to the PLAYERS action, not external things outside their control. Also, the ball coming back on them is maybe half to 1 second interruption, many might just use another ball to knock that away to shoot faster. It takes longer for the machine to reset through ball 2 and then back to ball 1 than a basketball going back to the player.

      Next time, know wtf you’re talking about because you obviously don’t. You’ll only embarrass yourself more with pisspoor arguments like yours that aren’t even close to a good comparison.

  2. Definitely should have counted the last strike, stupid referees. He deliberately slowed the ball and timed it perfect, genius.

  3. Man what a good sport, and also what a great mind. He didn’t wait for the machine to be ready, instead he slowed the ball down and took the shot anyways, timing it PERFECTLY JUST AS THE arm raised. What an incredible shot. He also, although he contested the ruling, took the decision very well. What an athlete!

    1. @Angel Ray I work up a bit of a sweat with those two (with my Dad bod!) Darts and Pool would be my examples. Basically games where there’s a bar close by are not sports.

    2. @Angel Ray seriously? you ever seen a table tennis match before ??? unless you’re absolutely incompetent, table tennis is a sport

    3. One time I went ten pen bowling and forgot to let go of the ball when I bowled it and I ended up all the way down the lane and then getting sucked up by the pin sucker up thing and then, believe it or not, I came back out the return ball thingee. Something to watch out for next time you go bowling.

  4. As awesome as that last throw was, if the ball was still in his hand when the timer hit zero I have to agree with the ruling.

  5. this is the sickest bowling highlight ever. he even threw it much slower, with more spin towards the end, and got another strike 😀

  6. They definitely need an actual bowling alley with 15 lanes to make this timed bowling legit for everyone.

    1. but having to run all the way back to first lame may be tiring~ i think 4 lanes should be more than enough to continuously set up the pins before he downs the 3 others

    2. @NeoFreezz there would be no need to run with 15 lanes lol all the pins would be ready for him and he didn’t even come close to 10 attempts releasing the ball lol Even if he did have to run tho, it’s only a 90 second short time strike challenge, a very short distance to the next lane and it’s a set goal to try and set a record so I’m sure running 4 feet to the right shouldn’t be to much for him to bare 😁😁

  7. I’m disappointed they only had two lanes. I was hoping he’d have 20 lanes already set up and he has to run along them chucking like crazy.

    1. @fezzes yea also he really likes those three balls especially the blue one so its ball delivery issue too.

    2. @Terror lol it isnt dying sure but it definitely isnt getting any popular. compare the sports popularity in the 60s to today and you’ll realize its a shadow of its former self. i honestly dont see bowling getting any more popular, its become relegated to a pastime activity people play maybe thrice in a year.

  8. One of the most stressful events i have ever watched. i love it – Belmo is a pure champ!!!

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