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Steve Kloempken, VP of Product Development, sits down and takes a closer look at Journey. Why did Jason choose TX-16™ Pearl Reactive? What shape will it make? Do I have to be 2 handed to throw Journey? These questions are answered by the guy who knows it all!

The next collaboration between Storm Bowling Products and Jason Belmonte is here! Journey takes the tried and true TX-16™ Solid Reactive and adds some pearl to create some length without giving up control. Combine that with the F-8™ Core and you get a shape that is unlike anything else in the current line up. Let us be apart of your Journey.

Find out more about the Journey here:

Coverstock: TX-16™ Pearl Reactive
Core: F-8™ Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Deep Indigo/Smoke/Turquoise
Fragrance: Kiwi Cantaloupe

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10 Comments on “Jason Belmonte’s Journey a Closer Look | Storm Bowling”

  1. so many variables involved with equipment…learn what you already have, master the arsenal in your roller..latest isn’t always greatest depending on your axis rotation and the oil is constantly shifting and moving breakpoints especially in leagues…new balls are cool but knowing your equipment is paramount for controlling pocket entry angles

  2. I’m glad I don’t have to be an ambassador for the game. Because anybody asking ‘is X ball only for two handers?’ just makes my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head. Absolutely clueless people.

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