Kelly Kulick on Why You Should Keep a ‘Vision Board’


Reno, NV – A visual representation of your life goals.

Otherwise known as a “vision board,” lots of people create and regularly update one to keep their goals front of mind. Typically, the board will contain photos that correspond with the person’s goals.

PWBA and USBC Hall of Famer Kelly Kulick’s vision board is a big part of her life and her career as a professional bowler.

The seven-time winner on tour and five-time major champion has won everywhere she’s gone, including becoming the first woman to win a PBA event, the 2010 Tournament of Champions.

Kelly Kulick

But she’s also just as hungry as ever to win again, and the vision board, which she just started doing this season, not only has been a big part of helping her stay focused on goal-oriented; it’s been the definition of a good omen for the veteran.

“Everything I’ve put on my vision board has come true,” Kulick said.

So, what’s the next goal for Kulick? Making renovations to her house.

“I’ve been in my house for 10 years and it’s time to upgrade the appliances in the kitchen and redo some plumbing upstairs,” she said.

Kulick was hoping to use the $ 100,000 top prize at the U.S. Women’s Open to do that, but those goals are still front-of-mind for her, and she’s put herself in good position to save more money for some much needed upgrades.

“It’s just to invest back into my initial investment into my home and make it even more comfortable to live in,” she said.

Kulick qualified seventh and made match play at the PWBA Reno Classic, ultimately finishing fourth in the opening tournament at this week’s season-ending Fall Classic Series. The event will determine the next winner of the PWBA Tour Championship, the season’s third major, and postseason honors including Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year.

Kulick, like Verity Crawley of England and Rookie of the Year favorite Stephanie Zavala of Downey, California, missed the season-opening Kickoff Classic Series in January, but has put together a nice season. She got back in the winners’ circle at the PWBA Albany Open in South Glen Falls, New York, and has made several other shows.

As far as what else has been on her vision board? Kulick has a photo of her washer and dryer that she got herself after making her first TV show this season. In addition, she’s going on an Alaskan Cruise later this year, so she has a photo of that. Kulick paid off the cruise by finishing second at the PWBA Lincoln Open, losing to Liz Johnson in the championship match, 238-213.

She has a photo of when she won the U.S. Women’s Open, a photo of when she won the Team Trials and, last but certainly not least, a photo of a woman with a six-pack — something she is working hard to achieve.

“Before I die, I want to see my abs,” Kulick said.

At the end of the day, the vision board is all about one thing.

“Goals to aspire to,” Kulick said. “Del Ballard said it perfectly, ‘Winning is an addiction, so every time you win, it’s like that high of a drug.’ I’ve never done drugs, but it is an addiction to win.”

Entering this week, Kulick has some question marks on her vision board, but it’s all about finding the next opportunity to accomplish goals. Based on how she’s performed so far, this week might be that next opportunity.

To win another major, Kulick said, would validate “all the years I’ve invested into bowling came true. I’ve lived my life out of a suitcase since I was 12. I’ve invested in it. I’ve given time in so many areas of the industry to myself, to proprietors, to clinics along the way.”

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