KTC Bowling Drills – Figure 8 Drill for Bowling

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Coach Del Warren describes how to do the figure 8 drill in detail. Also included are examples by a Right Hander, and a Left Hander. The drill helps players work on their swing direction and alignment.

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14 Comments on “KTC Bowling Drills – Figure 8 Drill for Bowling”

    1. We don’t usually. With a 2 hander it is not usually a problem that they swing the ball away from the body because having the 2nd hand on the ball keeps the ball close to the body. If you notice, we didn’t have a 2 handed example in the video. If we were doing anything similar with a 2 hander it would likely be focusing on the way the shoulders move not the shape of the swing. We would create a drill that focused on keeping the core from rotating and using the body tilt and shoulder to create momentum. 2 Handers often will rotate their core too much and take their body off the line of play but not through swing. This drill primarily works on fixing the swing when it is the cause of taking the ball off the line of play.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenter thank you very much for your explanation.
      I have sometimes in my approach that I indeed rotate my core to much.

      Do you maybe have a idea to help me what i can do in my practice hours to keep core in place??

  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome drill. I definitely want to come down to the Training Center one of these days. I’ve been struggling with early turn on my ball for years and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t seem to break the habit. Is there somehow I could send you a video of my release for critique? Thanks!

  2. Del,
    Thanks for the great video for a problem that haunts many of us. For those of us with the problem that only bowl 1 night a week without much time for practice, would you be opposed to adopting this figure 8 as one’s actual swing (as opposed to just a drill) ?
    Thank you

    1. The problem usually with too much loop in a swing is that when the release point varies so does the direction. That’s why you usually see the better players in the world with little to no loop.

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