KTC Bowling Drills – Foul Line Drill

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Coach Del Warren describes how to do the Foul line drill in detail. Also included are examples by a RH, LH, and 2 handed player.

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13 Comments on “KTC Bowling Drills – Foul Line Drill”

  1. I’m already committed to traveling to Kegel. There are 1000’s of videos on youtube teaching the release. But I’m curious how do you all teach the release. Was it so natural that I missed it happening in this video?

    1. Thanks for the note. This video has some info in it talking about how the elbow works with helping the release. There is also some info in our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDwbCXs7crI Hopefully, that gives you an idea. I’ll ask the coaches in our next bunch of videos to specifically talk about the release and ways to practice it.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenter Thanks for the response.These videos have caused me to rethink how I’m bowling. Look forward to making my way down to KTC soon.

    1. @KegelTrainingCenter cool. thanks for the quick response, i highly doubt i could ever come down (limited budget) is there a way i could possibly send a video to have someone look at and possibly give some advice? if so how much could that cost?

    2. @ham4fun you can send videos. It is $100 for one of the coaches to review it and send it back. We usually get 3-4 videos and will use that to create a voiceover video for you.

  2. Del, Thanks for the detail in the video. I am having one problem- despite bowling shoulder being lower, I can’t seem to get my head/chin on the outside of my bowling arm. Advice ?
    Thank you

    1. Stand up…then just try to put one leg back then set the ball on the ground right next to your ankly. Usually when you do that you will find that your shoulder will naturally drop and as that happens the ball goes more inside. Certain body types may have more issues with this than others.

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