6 Comments on “KTC Bowling Drills – Swing & Slide”

  1. Very nice breakdown of that part of the delivery. I gotta go try this during my practice routines.

  2. Mr. Warren, I don’t know if you check these, but if a person is a little older and maybe cannot use as much shoulder tilt, is there any modification to this drill you have thought of for someone who maybe cannot swing the ball through the right leg, but stays a little more straight where the ball might be slightly more outside the leg maybe only covering the outside portion?

    1. It is hard to say without seeing you bowl. We offer a TeleCoach session that you could send us a video then discuss your game, including this, with one of our coaches.

  3. Great video breaking the drill into segments. Do have any videos showing how to create the shoulder angle when you get to the foul line so your shoulders are facing your target line?

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