KTC Bowling Tip – Del Warren – Modern Release

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Coach Del Warren discusses a spin on the modern release. Learn an easy way to practice updating your release.

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18 Comments on “KTC Bowling Tip – Del Warren – Modern Release”

  1. Excellent tip. I discovered this technique of getting the ball to come off the side of the hand without turning the hand itself inward years ago.

  2. Awesome vid, really good practical tip. Most videos demonstrate some perfect modern release and say “do it like this!” which is useless.

  3. Just tried this in the front yard, lol. Was fun, now I want to try it in real practice.

  4. Just thought of something. Maybe that’s why the “throw a spiral on a football” drill works because the thumb faces that way in that drill… wow

    1. Good observation. Definitely one of the reasons that drill is so successful for so many people.

  5. I keep scratching my head about how I would point my thumb at my ring finger. I’m afraid I’ll still come around the ball. I don’t know what else to do:(

    1. When he talks about making your thumb point to your ring finger he is assuming your fingers are behind your thumb and not in a suitcase type position. If you have your fingers below the ball then when you point your thumb towards your fingers, you would prevent yourself from coming around the ball. Hopefully that helps!

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