KTC Bowling Tip – Modern Grip – Del Warren

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Kegel Training Center VP Del Warren talks about understanding the modern fit and how finger pitches have changed. Learn how the modern release can be more effective by adjusting your finger pitches. Finger pitches can help you unload during the release.

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12 Comments on “KTC Bowling Tip – Modern Grip – Del Warren”

  1. It sounds like having a lot of reverse finger pitches would be also applicable to 2-handers. Do 2-handers often have 3/4 or 1 reverse pitches?

  2. Still could never figure out my thumb pitch. Or fingers.. Then my middle finger broke oh well. I would try it all again..

  3. I’m having a hard time, i came back after taking 12 yrs off. and i am an old school cranker im trying so hard to get to the modern release / im still muscling so bad/

    1. If you haven’t already…be sure to get your fit checked. It’s likely that your hand flexibility has changed which would result in a fit change. If you have a fit that requires you to have high grip pressure it will be difficult to have a swing that is free which is a prerequisite to the modern release. This video should also help you identify if your grip could use some improvement.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenter ty I spent a couple Saturdays ago with Mike shady and we worked on being free, everything was good until on the way down. I just can’t get loose. I’m going to one step and no steps until I can get it. I will get my grip checked to thank you so much.

  4. For a modern fit for the modern release, is the thumb actually pitched forward or is it still reversed but just not as much?

    1. The pitch of the thumb is mainly dependent upon your span length and nature of your hand flexibility. Traditionally, the shorter the span, the more forward pitch; longer spans use reverse pitch. Adjustments are then made based upon your hand’s flexibility and personal preference. If you have the correct pitch based on your span length but there’s still an issue or discomfort, then adjustment needs to be made.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenterOk, good to know. Thank you for replying and the information. I will talk with my PSO and see what we can do.

    1. Sorry it didn’t work well for you. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments to get it dialed in. Let us know if you would like to talk through the changes you tried.

  5. I do not agree with this. I would go zero before reverse in the fingers. I am 54 and do just fine with 1/8 foreword finger pitches. I have relaxed my span a little.

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