KTC Bowling Tips Del Warren – Direction and Line of Play

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Coach Del discusses the keys to keeping the ball on the line of play which will help you become a better player!

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5 Comments on “KTC Bowling Tips Del Warren – Direction and Line of Play”

  1. Keeping my hand in line with the laser line, easy. It’s doing it at the end of those 5 steps on the approach that causes me problems……

  2. this is really good info, Coach. I struggle with line of play, am always expecting to do something contrary to how I have aligned my body 😉 2 questions for you…1) If my body is aligned to the target line, does this mean that I walk that target line which results in a slight drift? Back in the olden days, drifting was a big no, no. and 2) the crossover step…must I concentrate on doing that in order to clear my leg or does the axis tilt care for that? Thanks for all your tips…they really are great 🙂

    1. Thanks for the note, glad you are enjoying the info. The crossover step is necessary. Generally speaking someone cannot create enough spine tilt, nor should they, to get the ball to stay on the line of play during the approach. With the crossover step most people will end up drifting to the left (for a righty) throughout the approach.

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