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Launch angle is very important when it comes to analyzing a player’s game. USBC Gold coach Randy Stoughton discusses a tool they have at the ITRC to measure launch angle, as well as tips for changing your launch angle. Modifying launch angle can help a player who is transitioning from house shot leagues into sport leagues.

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21 Comments on “Launch Angle Bowling Tips”

  1. Ooooookayyyyyyyyyy – but what IS “launch angle”? How is it measured? I am fortunate enough to have a Specto bowling system at my center and can record the launch angle. Just not sure what I’m looking at when I read the numbers.


    1. Hi,Coach Randy explains that launch angle it “the direction
      of the ball as it leaves your hand.” Measuring the angle of the ball
      through the front part of the lanes (relative to the boards on the lane)
      is done in degrees. If the ball is delivered straight down the boards
      the launch angle would be 0 degrees, if it’s launched toward the gutter
      it’s given a negative number and if it’s thrown toward the head pin it’s
      a positive number. The “deeper” a bowler moves to the inside part of
      the lane the further they tend to launch the ball toward the gutter
      (larger negative numbers) and the closer to the gutter initially or
      straighter the angle the lower the degrees.
      Measuring launch angle is great for identifying
      consistency using the numbers provided and Specto will measure launch
      angle very accurately. A successful launch angle depends on what the
      lane needs you to do to get to the pocket. Use the launch angle
      measurement to guide consistency and experiment with how much you can
      vary your range as needed.
      Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

    2. totally agree…we get all these measurements but we have no parameters in place to tell use good or bad…we even get a grade on our apparent success ……a mark for something we don’t know anything about …..tell me the guts of the subject.

  2. So…you’re not actually saying anything new here, just that you have a machine to measure it. We were hoping for a bit more on how it is measured and , more importantly, what USEFUL information that we couldn’t have before, is available now, through these measurements.

  3. Like the video. Think avg bowler would benefit using more pictures. This is a major issue for bowlers. There are many bowlers that stand “1-2 dots left of center” and aim for 10th/8th board at arrows

    1. That’s me, Jay. I finally got a consistent hook on my weak ball, but can’t find the right angle to get many strikes.

  4. Great Bowling Tips – Thank You For This Valuable Information.
    We Have Tips Too. and Will Be Share and Posting Your Videos On Our Fanpage and Websites and Blogs!

  5. Great Bowling Tip! We Have Bowling Tips Too – We Liked Yours So We Will Be Sharing It On Our Fanpage and Website and Blog!
    Thank You Again!

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