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  1. Thanks for posting these videos. Great advice. Still working on staying balanced, but it’s not as consistent as I would like it to be. I still end up off balance at times because I have a tendency to bend from my back or get off on my timing, which contributes to balance issues. Gonna keep working on it.

  2. I was born with pretty severe flat feet, which has affected my knees and hip alot, so I’ve had to really work hard to improve my balance. I have a pretty significant knee bend on release, because I become off balance if I stand up too straight. My pro shop owner says I have a really nice approach and finish at the line regardless, probably because I just had to take so much extra effort to come up with footwork that’s consistent. I’m only 31 and I already wear a knee brace, but it is what it is. No excuses have to adapt and overcome. I’ll definitely incorporate some of these tips into my practice sessions!

    1. It’s not your knees. I GUARANTEE you have weak hips, quads, and hamstrings. Do some body weight squats and some band work. Invest in a foam roller for your IT band.

    2. @E Gibs Been lifting for over a decade now. I can’t do barbell squats or even just body weight squats anymore but other exercises like leg extensions, curls, leg press etc I can handle. Just has to do with positions. My flat feet have caused alot of lower body issues. If you saw just how badly flat my feet are you’d see. I have what they call rigid flat feet and it’s rare. I have knee pain due to having to walk with my feet pointed out slightly, causing a weird position. Trust me I have all alignment issues it’s something that can only truly be fixed with extremely extensive surgery that I’m not willing to go through with. I will try to loosen up with some foam roller positions more however like you said. I think I’m just really tight.

    3. @Mikey yeah bro, if body weight squats are too hard, get into yoga and dynamic stretching. Also I would recommend getting adjustments done. Foam rolling is a game changer. As are bands. I think weight lifting actually was counterproductive when I was younger and most issues I have were because of poor form.

      I can’t do barbell squats either. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises, box steps are really good too.

      Have you gone to a podiatrist, I remember when I was younger I had to get special insoles for my feet.

      I’m 38 now and wish I knew about these things when I was younger, but I’m actually A LOT stronger than I was physically now.

  3. That demonstrator chosen for this video had flawless balance; he made it look effortless! I have a tough time holding my finish position. However videos like this will help me improve. Thanks!

    1. It’s probably different for everyone. However, two things helped me with this. 1) I stopped muscling the ball – just a nice smooth swing. 2) I was releasing the ball too far from my right ankle (I’m a lefty). When I got my swing closer to the ankle, my total center of gravity moved right (more under me than to the left). Hope this helps.

    2. When you go into your slide, try to slide towards your target.
      After posting your shot look down to see where your slide foot ends up. It should be the same or relatively close to the set up position.
      For me being left handed and I set up my right foot on board 15, after my shot I look down to see where my slide foot ends up. It is usually the same board.
      By doing this, you will have a more accurate release

  4. How about a video where Mike shows us how to do the Machuga flop without injuring ourselves! 🙂

  5. Great video! Should be bonus video added to this of Mike when did his Superman takeoff onto the lane on TV! Just for levity in these difficult times, at least in California. Just in jest but remembering his great stunt.

  6. I think there is one more component to staying down at the foul line. The pivot step. Ninety percent of all the good bowlers I have ever seen bend their knees almost as much on the pivot step as they do when they. slide, If you don’t your pivot step will push you up when you are in the finish position. I have heard several terms described for achieving this. John Jowdy said sit in a chair. Some say drop your hips. A guy at my center says to curtsey. Its all the same thing.

    1. Try going to USBC.Com and start searching for coaches un your area. Best of luck with your lessons, Bowling is s fun sport

  7. Great video! It’s so much harder as you age to get enough knee bend but it really helps to try. I fall off my shots one every five shots or so but I’m working on it. I find that mentally just telling myself be a statue until that ball goes through the pin helps.

  8. It’s so hard on slippery approaches I almost got hurt and fall down and I go ask the front desk to solve the problem or use the brush for my shoes

    1. I try to work on the one step drill with just a sock on the slide foot at home on the linoleum floor but it’s still tough to get a consistent slide.

  9. Not only is Mike a great bowler but, he’s also an even better mannequin model LOL. Mike barely moved at the end of that last scene/shot. Great video! Thanks!

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