Learn How to Bowl with the Two-Handed Style. Generate POWER & HOOK while Bowling!!!

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Learn How to Bowl with the Two-Handed Style. Generate POWER & HOOK while Bowling!!!
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• Mike Shady is a silver level certified bowling coach and a coach for Team USA bowling.
• In this learn to bowl video, Coach Shady explains the two-handed style of bowling.
• Check back weekly for more informative tips to help you bowl better from coach Shady.
• Know it! Learn it! Live it!

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35 Comments on “Learn How to Bowl with the Two-Handed Style. Generate POWER & HOOK while Bowling!!!”

  1. Thank you for the video. As a two-hander I really enjoyed the commentary on the collapsing release. I have rather variable ball reaction and actually have a tough time getting the ball to slow down into the roll (easier time going up the lane than the big hook), and I think it might be that I’m keeping my wrist too stiff through the ball. I would enjoy more two-handed videos on things like controlling axis rotation.

  2. Always learning something new and two hand is one of them… though I’m a traditional one hand righty/tweener… I like the two hand style… Thanks Coach Shady and Mike! 🤙🏽😊🤙🏽 #insidebowling

  3. Great vid, can you do more of these please. my problem is that my speed isnt that good. people say speed is more on the foot work for two handers but i dont understand how to get my speed up. can you do more on it maybe how my foot work should be and more or swing timing thank you

    1. Use your plant foot/Leg To drive forward into your swing and ball release. Like a baseball pitcher uses the legs to get greater speed. Ya know what I mean?
      Plant and drive down into your release

  4. I tried 2 handed to be silly with a mate and ended up being my strongest shot now. Get great flow and drive

  5. I Started 2 handed bowling 🎳 before I knew anyone even did this. I switched to this style because I have Carpel tunnel problems, I’ve had surgery twice on my hand and the pain in my hands and elbow is too great to bowl one handed or “Normal style” anymore. If you have hand or elbow pain this is an EXCELLENT way to bowl. Someone just told there’s pros who bowl like this, so I came to check it out.. LOL crazy 😆😎

    1. I’m having some of the same problems ( carp tunnel , shoulder issues etc) and I’m just getting back into bowling , it’s been 30 odd years since I quit. What I’ve noticed ( and I’m still doing it the traditional one-handed way) is getting my ball speed and revs where they used to be. Do you switching to a two handed style will help that ?

  6. Honestly before this I was doing two handed I did one handed and every time I threw it. I was pushing my finger up against the rubber insides and it burned like heck. But then two handed did the opposite when i cradled the ball i didn’t have to grip the insides as hard as i can so i wouldn’t drop it. This technique is a blessing.

  7. I have a hand injury that prevents me from using the holes on my dominant hand, and this is a big help, kudos

  8. I didn’t know this was a common thing. I’ve gone to bowling club in school, went bowling on weekends, going out with friends and family. I’m 26 and I have never heard of a two handed bowling until just last week I saw one for the first time and my mind was just blown

    1. youth who buy their own equipment and take the sport seriously are overwhelmingly becoming 2 handed. people who go bowling casually for fun using house equipment don’t.

    2. @Gage Hollingsworth
      Shoo! I dunno how 229 barks, but sure beats 110 average! And it is only 71 from perfect game! Even 180s is no joke!

    3. I just started doing it naturally back when I learned because I couldn’t get the standard delivery down and it hurt my wrist, I didn’t know it was actually a real thing until a few years ago when I saw a pro doing it.

  9. I’m dealing with Tennis Elbow in my right elbow and I’m right handed..it’s very very painful and this injury occurred from bowling. To try and take the pressure off my right elbow, I might be considering 2 handed but it’s not cause I’m trying to be cool or get more power but my reasoning will be cause of injury…but I have never been good with it after I have had the same style for 30 years of bowling…I feel like a fish out of water lol

  10. I’m trying to convert to a 2H bowler after bowling 30 years with a conventional one handed style.
    The highest my average has ever been was a 209 in leagues before I walked away from the sport
    for almost a decade. I got back into bowling about 6 months ago and not only was I shocked by
    how many 2H bowlers are out there compared to when I walked away from the sport, but I’ve also
    been having issues with my thumb during release. The issues with release since coming back to
    the sport had me thinking about transitioning to a 2H bowler. At first I wasn’t serious about it but
    lately I’ve been practicing multiple days a week on my 2H release. My biggest issue right now is
    none of my balls are drilled for a 2H release. Because of that I’m having a very tough time with
    consistency but it’s getting much better as of late. I also had an issue increasing my ball speed
    to match my 1 handed release speed but that also has been getting better as of late. If I can get
    my average up to a 180 or higher within about 6 months of practicing 2H that would give me the
    confidence to make the full switch.

  11. Thanks for this video. My wife in making the transition to two hands because it effects her carpal tunnel less.
    But she still wants a wrist strap.
    I’m worried the Mongoose Lifter she’s using now is effecting he “collapsing” wrist motion you refer to in your video.
    If this does effect it, is there a wrist strap you recommend that is better for a two handed release? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hey! Im a two hander so hopefully I can answer a bit. Basically for two handed bowlers we are resting the ball on our wrist, which means we need to bend at the joint. Wrist wraps force the hand flat and won’t allow you to get underneath the ball. Yes, you need to “collapse” your hand at the end, but that is because they’re bent in the first place. Not sure what she could do… but I think it might get harder for her wrist in the end…

  12. The two-handed style has allowed me to continue playing due to a sustained injury with my bowling arm. This style definitely has alleviated pressure on my wrist and elbow while at the same time has allowed me to produce higher rev rates than when I was throwing one handed. The thing I need to improve on is control and speed. But, thank God, for those who innovated this style.

    1. Thats great man. I couldnt bowl 2 handed, due to a bad left knee. Im pretty sure without using my left arm for balance, I would put alot more strain on my knee! So I will always be 1hander! 🙂

    2. Im in the exact same position. I have injured my wrist, I have been having physio on that wrist but bowling 2 handed has alleviated all the pressure on the wrist so I will be sticking with it

    3. Thank you, I’m tired of hearing people hate on two handers. Some of us have suffered injuries and CAN’T bowl one handed. I’d rather bowl two handed than not bowl at all. Those people need to grow up and accept change.

    4. two handed is also a good technique for kids or people with low muscle mass on their throwing arm. my 1 hand throw is udder trash because i cant balance myself the same way , 2 handed throw allows me to support my left hand and keep my center of gravity aligned. 2 handed 4ever!

  13. Just started bowling and I just could never get anything with one hand but I tried 2 hand and I started to play better love bowling and play it with my family

  14. I practice both two-handed and the conventional one-handed and I just say whatever works, do it. Both methods can look beautiful and bowl a lot of good games.

  15. I have been a two hander my entire career and this really helps me with my game over the years

  16. Since I’ve ever picked up a bowling ball, I’ve used two hands. I think it’s because I always used a ball that was to heavy for me as a kid. It’s just stuck. I thought I was crazy until I saw Belmo first do it on the tour.

  17. I have started to transition to two handed as the older I get the harder it becomes to throw with strength two handed makes it easier to control and as an result I have moved to an heavier ball

  18. Collapse the wrist! I think this is the detail I’ve been missing. Can’t wait for tomorrow to try this out.

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