17 Comments on “Learn How to Make Your Spares. 2 Secret Strategies to Bowl Your Best!”

  1. I definitely need help with this cause every now and then I either pull the ball inside or it gets away from me and goes straight to the gutter

  2. This definitely works. I now make 90% of my ten pins where before it was 50%. I actually got this from my proshop guy. He always makes his. He said the same thing. Visually draw a straight line from pin to you, and then follow that path with the ball. Now, my 7 pins need work, too. I usually give a little hook into the pin. Most of the time I’m missing right or left. I’m gonna start working on the straight shot to the 7.

  3. Every spare can be made through a single target. The middle arrow gives you the most margin of error on all single pin spares using a polyurethane spare ball.

  4. One thing you demonstrated but didn’t highlight is the angle. Whether you throw a straight ball or lightly hooking ball at spares, you should throw from the opposite side the pin is on.

  5. I try to throw straight at it and I tend to throw it in the gutter alot I got myself a doare ball and throw across the middle arrow and stated to hit alot more 10 pins but still miss alot to the gutter side mostly

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