Leg Lifts in a Table Top Position

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Strengthening the external rotators of the hip with leg lifts helps to increase mobility and range of motion. All good things to have when bowling. Strong external hip rotators can also reduce pain in your lower back and knees.

These leg lifts benefit the following muscles:

Arms and Shoulders
Biceps and Triceps
Core (Abs)
Step 1
Start by getting on all fours with your hands and knees on the floor.

Step 2
Next, bring your knee up to your elbow.

Step 3
Extend your leg out to the side.

Step 4
Next, straighten your leg out behind you.

Step 5
Rotate your hip and leg parallel towards the floor. Then put all the steps together and repeat.

Switch legs when you are ready. Do the same amount on the second leg as you did with the first to avoid imbalances. The closer you bring your knee to your arm provides more abdominal crunch. The farther you extend your leg back, the more you will stretch your hip and improve your range of motion.

Working this exercise into your routine will provide more balance and stability when you are bowling. You will have better posture because of the work done to the core simultaneously with a stretch to the spine.

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