28 Comments on “Look Down & Strike More! One Easy Way To Improve Your Bowling Game.”

  1. Great tip, I’m going to try it in league tonight. You also have great form at the line too. Thanks 😊.

  2. Another aspect where the mental game benefits the physical! Chatting with a new league bowler last night and he comments, “There’s a lot to this bowling stuff!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that was just the tip of the iceberg. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for another wonderful tip, Shannon!

  3. This is certainly a professional tip. It never occurred to me to do something so simple. I look forward to what you will share each week; has helped my game grow leaps and bounds.

  4. That is an essential tip to always keep in mind. #LetsGoBowling but first go and #Vote. Have a great day to all. ✌

  5. Also.make sure your foot is pointed toward you target when you look down. Thanks for the tip gonna do it in an hour.

  6. Such an overlooked aspect of targeting and shotmaking. Just because you hit a target at the arrows doesn’t mean it was the same angle from the release point. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Thank you Shannon. Greatest tip ever. At least for me. When I miss a shot and yet I hit the mark, I always look down to see where I slid. And on some spare shots I frequently don’t even know where I should have been. I am such a dope! Without looking down after EVERY shot, it means nothing. This is going to make a difference for me. Keep up the good work, Shannon. And good luck to you on the PWBA tour!

  8. I tried this in league yesterday and my average went up from a 167 to a 187. This definitely helped with consistency. Thanks❀️

    1. Threw a 192 twice and a 259 and my average that night was a 214. This video helped tremendously. Thanks ❀️

  9. One of the BEST approaches (male/female) I have seen in my 73 years!! Way to go OHhhkeef lol coudo’s to your coach!!!

  10. I have a really bad habit of having my slide foot pointing to the right, that’s probably why I miss outside so much…

  11. Someone once asked me “why are you looking down”? I was looking at where I was on the lane when I bowled a BAD shoot as opposed to a good shot. But they never told me anything different. I didn’t know I was “looking wrong”. When I rolled a good shot, most times I wouldn’t know where I ended. So simple. I have to be mindful of this tip, like so many of your others. Thank you.

  12. I think I am in love lol…Plus I thoroughly enjoy her bowling improvement videos. Thanks Shannon.

  13. I usually look at the dots for my target spot but yesterday I started using the 2nd arrow and I think it helped a little keeping me from throwing too many balls to the Brooklyn side. At least I get lots of spare practice when I am not striking. Good tip Shannon. Saw you with Kyle. You owe him a beat down!

  14. I have a drift but it consistent to right I adjust off of that 3-4 boards thanks. How ever if start right no drift playing outside line still look down for consistent slide thanks again!!!

  15. I use that method when I bow during League. But the only time I look up is for my spare shots. My Storm Phase 2 is an awesome ball, my configuration is a finger-tip pin-up. As a straight bowler, I now aim for the 15th arrow with my new ball.

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