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  1. Thank you!
    I’m a newbie trying to get better, and teach my kids to love bowling! My daughter and I really appreciate the tips!

    1. I’m going to credit this comment to Shannon, because I think she posted a video on the topic. You need to observe your ball. In other words, don’t just watch, but almost examine.
      What you’re looking for is how your ball is moving on the lane, then how it enters the pocket, and as per this video, how it goes through the pins.
      What I saw happen many years ago: I would roll strikes on my preferred line and then start leaving a 10 pin. Back then, it was mostly due to carry down, i.e., oil moving down the lane toward the pins. The ball wouldn’t finish quite enough to carry. My adjustment then was to move half a board right, rolling through the same target line.
      Today, conditions are somewhat different and patterns a VERY different. What you’re likely going to see is the ball not quite making it to the “sweet spot” in the pocket, a little light. A small adjustment to either your launch angle, speed, or release could get you back into the strike zone.

    2. A simplistic answer is to move a board right with your feet and keep your eyes on the same target. This will change your angle of entry slightly and hopefully help your ball devlect less, and that should drive the 6 properly into the 10.

    3. Depends on a bunch of factors. If they are “weak” 10s meaning the 6 pin just goes into the channel, that means your ball is burning up and losing energy. Either throw it harder or loft it. Usually loft works. No need to move. “Ringing” 10s where the 6 wraps around the 10, you’ll probably need to move left 1 to 2 boards with your feet and open your shoulders up if the decks are Pro Anvil, or move your feet and eyes outside more and close your shoulders if the decks are HPL.

  2. How do u get it to roll thru the pins? Is it in the release? The spin? The line the ball travels? I know I can throw in the same place on the same arrow and it may strike or it may not. What adjustment would I need to make to make it exit the deck in the same spot

  3. Whether you’re left or right handed what you want is for your ball to roll off of the back of the deck in the area between the 8 and 9 pins.

  4. Great tips. Look forward to it every week Not too much info, just enough to think about and build on each week. Good job Shannon!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Carl and thanks for watching our videos!! Keeping things simple tends to work better than having complicated thoughts lol!

  5. Could it be that my ball is not rolling through or not creating more strikes because I throw a 13lb? I bowled a 162 tonight but I don’t know how to get a better score. I’m hitting the pocket nicely but it’s not rolling all the pins. I keep sparing out.

    1. The pocket refers to the area between the 1 and 3 pins for right handers and the 1 and 2 pins for left handers. The pin deck refers to the area where the pins are set and are standing.

  6. Thanks for your tips, I will look for this today tired of that 10 pin. My husband thinks my 12 lb ball has lost some of it’s mojo after 6 years or so. He wants me to get a new ball.

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