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Deigning bowling balls is a complex process with a dedicated team to deliver the best possible outcome. Every ball goes through this journey, and the people behind these balls leave their creative mark.

Chad McLean, Alex Hoskins, and Giorgio Clinaz sit down and discuss their roles in designing bowling balls here at Storm.

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20 Comments on “Our Process Designing Bowling Balls | Designing With Intent | Storm Bowling”

    1. What kind of weight blocks? There are only so many combinations you can make within legal specs. That’s why so many ball weight blocks look similar because they are using designs that have worked for years.

    2. @TraumaER  all 3 were asymmetric. I know there are certain limits, but I just wanted some feedback even if all were completely unusable.

  1. They talk about not overlapping releases, yet their most recent releases have done exactly that. there’s so many shiny symmetrical balls right now in their line up that it feels so over saturated.

    1. And yet each one has its own unique core, colors, surface, RG’s, differentials, name, and (probably) fragrance.

    2. @@cmclean300 Not trying to knock on SPI Chad, but the Journey, Summit Peak, TNT Infused, Sublime, and Zen Gold Label could arguably fit in the same slot in someone’s bag and were all released quite recently. There just seems to be a lot of overlap in that category of strong symmetric shiny balls.

    3. @@farmboy805Still, every one of those balls are different from one another. Some people can’t use asymmetric at all so having differing symmetric options is the solution. Not only are they all glaringly different, but you can always change the layout or adjust the surface…

  2. Do you guys think it hurts balls from being great because you don’t focus on certain games? Like the saying goes those who try to catch two rabbits catch none.

  3. So you 3 do what Schlem does all by himself 😂 jk,
    Good job guys!!
    I can tell you what is missing in the lines is the OG frantic & OG Optimus type of ball, along with a REX or ERG iq tour.

  4. Here’s an idea..requires no thought or expense designing….bring back the ALPHA CRUX….”might” sell a few….

  5. Really crazy idea, but has anyone ever tossed out the idea of a “Made by you” option? Similar to say, Nike ID just as an example? Maybe like every year or so, said ball company would offer 3 or 4 different cores, covers, color options, etc that you customize.. Obv it would cost more for a custom ball and be a bit niche, but it’s certainly a really interesting idea. I mean there’s a whole market out there for the overseas balls already because people like to try different things.

  6. With the AI core technology being used for future bowling balls, I hope to see a urethane ball have the AI core, name of the ball “Smart Pitch”.

  7. Where can I find information on the relative strength of coverstocks within the SPI lineup? Since cover/surface affects ball motion the most, it seems odd that there isn’t more quantifiable published info on it.

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