PBA CHAMPIONSHIP SHORT – 2017 Main Event PBA Tour Finals

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Revisiting the 2017 Main Event PBA Tour Finals in condensed form, featuring Jason Belmonte versus EJ Tackett.


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48 Comments on “PBA CHAMPIONSHIP SHORT – 2017 Main Event PBA Tour Finals”

    1. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover lawn bowls coaching try Berts bowls guide (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got great results with it.

    2. @Rebecca W EJ is a very underrated bowler and even when he does get frustrated, he is still respectful towards his fellow bowlers.

  1. Really seems like Tackett and Belmonte are all about maximizing their entry angle right now. Both use somewhat slower speed now and make the ball really turn left at the pins. Leads to interesting pin action, like Tackett’s “solid” 10 at 2:54.

  2. Two amazing bowlers, great great video. Love Randy commenting also. Knowledgeable and witty. Thanks for uploading.

  3. 난 개인적으로 벨몬테의 팬이지만 타켓 선수 자세는 정말 교과서적으로 멋져서 좋다

  4. Imagine being so good at bowling that strikes are commonplace and you don’t get excited at them.

    1. I average 180 and I don’t get excited when I strike lol unless its like a massive break or a 5,6+ bagger or something like that. I usually just get upset when I don’t strike lol

    2. I’m at the level that PERFECT GAMES are common place

      The only ones not having fun bowling are the ones that are really good

  5. Was it funny when the guy was talking to the other guy and they said we’ve been doing this together for 15 years and then the other dude goes “thats longer than most marriages should last” that made me die laughing

  6. that was a close first game, personally averaging about 150ish, will probably never get to this level, but I’ll keep trying, still seeking my first 200 game, I have broke 190 twice in the 4 years I’ve been bowling regularly

    1. Damn, that gives me hope, been bowling a few months and my personal best is 211. Still working on my form and everything else, hope you bowled that 200 already!

    1. He means like he’s impressed how he can have so much power in his wrist and is able to change his rev control low for spares.

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