10 Comments on “PBA Skill Balls Drilling Recommendations”

  1. Would a solid reactive cover with a pancake weight be a good ball to find your pap?like a c300 scout solid? i want to pick up my first bowling ball, but i also want something with more traction

  2. I’m kinda new at this, but how do you identify the P.A.P for drilling purposes on a new ball? It seems the placement of the finger holes could influence the position of the P.A.P so if you used a ball you already had that was drilled sub-optimally would that not give a false P.A.P to use on a new ball?

    1. To find the PAP you would trace your first oil/track line around the ball. The you find the spot that is exactly in the middle. The drilling of the ball can affect it slightly but not usually enough to significantly change it, especially in a low flare ball.

    1. Vertical Axis Line. It is the line that runs through the PAP perpendicular to a line that runs from the center of the grip.

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