PBA USA vs. The World – WSOB VIII

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The USA vs. The World exhibition from World Series of Bowling VIII. Originally aired Sunday, January 8 on ESPN.

Team World: François Lavoie, Martin Larsen, Arturo Quintero, Dom Barrett, Sam Cooley.

Team USA: Dick Allen, Matt O'Grady, BJ Moore, Mitch Beasley, EJ Tackett.

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32 Comments on “PBA USA vs. The World – WSOB VIII”

    1. I don’t remember hearing ANYONE trying to cross the border going south unless they were criminals running from the law…….just stay on the south side of the river.

    2. Honestly i love artuo quintero and it was one comment to trump political arguments have been in lots of sports shows so dont think it happened just once plus ever since trump got elected and he has his stupid idea to build a wall and make mexicans pay for it is absurd so quintero got that initial act to call out trump

    3. I don’t like trump at all but bowling is fun. No space for the hideous word “Trump” should be said while having fun.

  1. i always cheer for the world even though i live in america because the internationals do better at the world series

  2. USA! USA! USA! It’s great to see USA on top. And, it’s also great to have Kimberly Pressler as part of the PBA Coverage for ESPN.

  3. I was at this event for its entire duration. For the tv finals there were literally less than 60 audience people in the main seating area above the lanes. If I had to guess at most maybe 30 people up there. For the tv finals they moved some people from the main seating to the lane side bench seating which was very uncomfortable aluminum benches. I sat there. I actually bought my tickets in advance of the tournament like many others did , but the PBA was literally giving away tickets for seating and still no one came.

    In talking with a clerk at the Silver Legacy, she said as a local, she would not have known about the World Series Tournament had she not been working at the Hotel which was a sponsor for the PBA.

    My questions are: Where is audience? What happened that no one wanted to come or were unaware of such a fine event in a large City?

  4. The walk back to your team after a missed spare in a baker game is hard to do especially when the rest of the team misses right after you

  5. Anybody knows what happened with Dom and Storm? last time I checked he was using Storm Balls now he’s using Track. any info would be nice.

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