24 Comments on “PBA50 Bowling Clash of Titans! Barnes, Hess, Weber & More!”

  1. The fact that its 2022 and Pete and Jason are still both alive to bowl each other in a PBA 50 Event, is probably a miracle in and of itself😂🤣😂 great coverage👍🏼

    1. @J I bowled with Jason when he was a teen in the SE region and knew Pete. Them being alive to me is the miracle, but yeah, Fit To bowl is spot on. They both had some really hardcore habits.

  2. Pba50 is going to set records now with everybody’s favs all retiring. Keep up the great work filming. G.O.A.T’s everywhere. 👍

  3. The pba50 tour have amazing bowlers!!!! Made me tear up seeing them healthy and bowling really great with really high scores!

  4. Thanks for showing this! These guys are gold. This should have been televised these guys are legends.

  5. I just love these videos and the format. I get it that bowling g is their business, but this just feels so much closer to these guys, per the way these videos are taped. Thank you so much for bringing us closer.

  6. its always so incredible how parker will always be able to play his A game shot with hand and speed adjustments, no matter what the pattern is

  7. This is so cool. Thanks for covering these events. Great personalities and tremendous talent on display. Love it.

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