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In today’s game, there are many different types of bowling balls. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross talks about the benefits of using a plastic spare ball to pick up spares that typically are harder to convert using your strike ball. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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12 Comments on “Plastic Ball Benefits | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Ok, another video that leaves something out…. For anyone that watches the pros bowl, they throw the ball straight basically for almost all spares. Granted they have had the coaching and many practice games to do this, but this should of been mentioned in this video about throwing the ball straight and how to do that as an option even with your strike/reactive ball. For some people, this works out great. For the bowlers who can’t not do that, then this video does give some good pointers, this I will give credit to.

    1. That was almost certainly in their video on the 7 zone spare shooting system they referenced in this video. This was merely meant as a supplement to that video

  2. I don’t need a plastic ball. I can flatten out my hand so much that my strike balk basically doesn’t even move. Even on very short and light conditions.

    1. If you use your Reactive Ball as a Spare Ball, you’re wearing it out and it might eventually not Strike the Pocket properly. But if its your decision go for it.

  3. If “hard and straight” is great for spares because it’s more reliable for hitting the target because it takes oil out of the equation, why wouldn’t it be better for striking than reactive resin which is at the mercy of so any more factors such as oil movement, footwork when moving left, more critical technique?

    1. Jaime Escalante because if you bowl straight you cant hit the pocket efficiently and open yourself up to more splits.

  4. I’ve definitely seen pros throw with a spin on spares but they dont hook bc it’s a spare ball that gets down the lane further

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