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    1. Might that be the same Gonzo with brothers named Moto and Pizza who used to run the old Pin Bowl when guys like “Rocky” used to bowl there??? If so, there was this other good bowler around back then who looked like a young John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard) who I think still lives in that area. Maybe you know who he is…

    2. @Jay Vee Bee He’s in Merrill actually… but yes I know. I’m a nephew to Gonzo and have known him and the Shady family as long as I can remember. I grew up in Fond du Lac and have many family ties to Green Lake County as well… but have been living out west now since the mid-80s. Anyhow, ask him about Brian next time you see him…

  1. I love the fact that Shady is on some type of elevation to make him the same height as Flanagan. haha

  2. If Marshall’s arm swing is so free, how does he bend his elbow and get so far under the ball at release? Not saying you have to muscle it but “letting the ball swing the arm” leads to me suitcasing the ball.

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Flanagan’s lack of slide.

    1. Nearly every power player bends their elbow prior to release. It is an athletic move. It helps getting your hand below the equator of the ball. Prior to bending the elbow there is very little restriction in his swing. By bending the elbow just prior to release alters ball path very little if at all. The key is free swing. That is the one thing that has never changed in the sport of bowling. A free swing guarantees repeatability of the ball path.

    2. I agree with you actually. I think pros dont actually have 100% free swings, but just free enough to be consistent.

  3. Thanks Coach Shady and Mike on working on the push away and swing… love the content! #InSideBowling

    1. Imagine throwing a baseball. You naturally put your left arm in front of you with your thumb down. As your body weight shifts as you throw the ball your left arm moves back and your weight (leverage) is transferred through the ball. Looking at science, we are now applying this same principle to bowling. Maximizing leverage with a free swing takes you from a league bowler to a competitive bowler.

  4. The push away and having your body weight evenly balanced above sliding foot gives you great balance at foul line. Releasing BALL CLOSE to ankle helps give you more leverage AND ALMOST all the great bowlers have the ball very close to sliding foot ankle at release point. They used to call it the [ pro position[

  5. Something you didnt mention is that Marshall, because of how the modern game is taught now (Rod Ross mentioned this), he has a straight backswing but his downswing is a different direction. His backswing is up the lane but his downswing is towards his target.

  6. This coach is terrible. That joe left a 3-10 split and says “thats a good shot”! …. WHAT? Thats a terrible shot. On a 1 step you want to roll the ball not hook it. It would of moved into the pocket correctly.

  7. The real difference from Joe and Pro is not by form. Its all about the rev’s put on the ball. Professionals have over 550 revs on strike shots alone. spare shots can reach up to 700 revs. Know the game.

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