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  1. Not sure what it showed apart from that different angles can be used on a target. I would really becinterested to see how body and leg angles change accordingly with each of those shots

    1. Keith the difference in the body and leg angles are very small. Sometimes to help create a more open angle you can bring your right foot back (for right handed bowler) back a few inches in the set up position. Angles on the lane are very small, from zero degrees of launch angle (projection) up to only 3 degrees of angle for most bowlers, so no need to have a big open angle with body to create a small angle. Thanks for the question!

  2. A better explanation in my opinion could have been that if you want to get a straight line add 7 boards to your target this is the normal straight shot for example board 10 target slide board 17 this will be zero angle slide 20 target 10 you created a 3 board angle assuming same breakpoint of course.

  3. I wish videos like this would discus starting point as well, such as left foot on 20, slide at 30, etc. I ask because Im still unsure if they are talking about drifting left or are they starting and finishing on the same board they begin on.

    1. Scott I would recommend walking fairly straight, so the starting position should be close to the intended finishing position. Thanks for watching and the question. I hope my answer helped clarify it for you.

  4. What would be the dot to stand on and arrow to aim at for the very first ball thrown in practice? Is there one dot and arrow best to get your initial arrow and break figured out?

    1. Thanks for watching and for the question. If bowling on a typical house shot condition, not a Sport shot lane condition, usually around the second arrow can be a good starting point. On most house shots, there’s more oil inside of 2nd arrow and less oil outside of 2nd arrow. It’s good to have the oil to the left of target and drier boards to the right for right handed bowlers. Generally your left foot would start @20 board which is the bigger middle dot. From there you can make adjustments if needed. Thanks again and I hope this helps!

  5. I’ve been working on this in practice… I’m always looking at where I’m sliding compared to where I started…I drift 2-3 boards left and have started incorporating this into my thought process when targeting on the lane to get the proper angle

  6. So, if you’re talking about right-handed bowlers, why use right feet footprints (the blue and red ones) to illustrate the slide foot?

  7. I bowl a lot of tournaments 3 leagues. Have you done a video where you use this foot stand here, aim here then apply the above video to line up with. I would Like to see something like that.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for watching our videos. Standing a specific spot on the approach and playing a specific line on the lane can be very different for different bowlers. For that reason, it’s very hard to say stand here and aim there. Where you stand and aim can depend on the lanes condition, ball choice, ball speed, rev rate as well as your release and individual ball roll.

  8. How do you determine a specific vector for your ball to be projected on as it passes the target at the arrows? Do you try and project the ball out to the #10 pin, #6 , or maybe the gutter?
    Thank you..

    1. I would say as long as you’re consistent with your finish location and with your target at the arrows you should be fine. If there’s another thing you should watch it’d be break point.

  9. Thanks for of the great info. When bowling last night i checked my foot position at the end of my slide, something i never did before. I end up well short of the foul line, probably about 12-14 inches. Is that a negative? How important is it to finish close to the foul line?

    1. I wish I could give an answer but I end up 2-3 feet away and I’m having to sling the ball, I’ve tried moving up a foot and it’s helped a bit

  10. 🤔 hmm that makes sense.. I bowled a 300 two days ago and then I did terrible the 2nd game 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I made the wrong adjustments! I wish I would’ve see this video before then lol

    Good video 👍🏾👍🏾

    1. Thanks for watching and for your comments, we appreciate it. I hope this helps you to follow up your next 300 with another big game!!

  11. So the answer to this riddle is that I walk towards the same mark with my aiming slot fire away and remember where the feet are. As long as you change the angle and can repeat strikes. Line up your ball slot setup with your mark. Do not look at the pins for striking, just the arrow. Hit the thing, if the balls too early give it some more loft or move back right.

  12. I bowl on occasion (maybe twice a year) with friends for fun using house balls. When just throwing the bowl down the lane some of us would get a strike or two without using any of these procedures. How do you explain that?

    1. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while lol! This tip about getting lined up is more for the bowlers who through more reactive balls and bowl more regularly in league and tournaments. Bowling casually a couple of times a year is fine and we’re glad that you guys are getting out there and enjoying yourselves!! Thanks for watching our videos and keep getting those strikes!

  13. I have recently started to bounce my ball at delivery. Teammates say i am dropping the ball but it doesnt feel that way to me. Whatever it is the has no energy at the pocket and i am some really difficult leaves. Any advice or suggestions? I know its a tough question with no video.

    1. Could be you’re lunging as your sliding. If you’re head get way in front of your knee, your downswing gets too steep and the ball will ball of your hand too early.

      (With or without a ball) Get into a solid finish position, and then lean forward. See how your arm goes back hand points straight down now…the ball will come off your thumb too early now.

    2. @TheVlad1616  thanks. I think what you say is true, had one of my teammates video me and i looked like was i was doing. Thanks

    3. @MrKnothead63 some of Mark Baker’s videos/analysis cover this, and show it better than I may have tried explaining here. I know it’s something I struggle with constants too.

    4. @TheVlad1616 thanks. I think where i slide is probably my problem. Teammate told that was drifting a little right. This really was helpful 😌 thank you

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