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  1. Gave it a thumbs 👍 before the video is up, why?…Because I trust Shannon to bring the Pro Bowlers Tip, that will make a difference in anyone’s game. Stay safe, blessed, and go have a great time bowling your very best. Enjoy the rest of your day to All.🎳✌

  2. Great demonstration! I’d love to see a slow motion view from the release to the landing to illustrate how the ball stays parallel to the lane.
    Also, for those of us who are older, knee bend like Shannon’s first shot isn’t always possible. Any tips for those with knee difficulties?

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Mark. To answer your question on tips for knee difficulties – many times by using your upper body to lean a bit more forward (vertical/torso tilt), a player can get the ball a bit more parallel into the lane. Thanks for watching Mark.

  3. Lofting the ball is only a last resort. When Shannon went brooklyn, she rolled over 10 board. But when she lofted it, it rolled over 14-15 board. She changed her rolled significantly lofting it. Lofting the ball is way overrated. You have to keep the same roll as well as hit the same area to truly say lofting is the answer. She has a release that is almost always on the side of the ball. For her to show the lofting, she needed to be up the back of the ball.

  4. Mr. Shady is correct, lofting is a very important part of bowling. Due to my level of rotation, on a typical league condition I will go over the 7 board at the arrows. As the lane dries out I adjust by increasing my speed and lofting. When that isn’t enough I will move left and/or change balls. One of the major benefits of lofting is you have to throw the ball very slightly upward to obtain loft, this causes your hand to put slightly more rotation on the ball. So the loft no only delays the hook so the ball doesn’t hit high, it also causes it to come in stronger increasing the probability of striking.

  5. “Years ago everyone did it…”

    Everyone STILL does it in college tournaments. Hell I got bumped down from the Varsity team to the JV team in college because I didn’t know how to loft the gutter cap properly lol

  6. I guess this doesn’t work for everyone but I have 10 grip levels that came with my Brunswick shoes, what I do when I want to throw the ball harder is put a slide that is shorter and stops sooner, and that encourages me to throw it harder, longer slide, better for a slower release, normally I like a slower release, as I tend to pull it back when I throw it too hard and it just goes straight.

  7. When I loft the ball, the hook is delayed AND the ball seems to hook sharper because the ball has stored up more energy which is released when the ball hits the dry. Am I just imagining this or am I correct?

  8. I’m in Hawaii where Roy Yamanuha bowls & operates his own pro shop “Game On”. He lofts 1/2 of the lane but is one of the best local bowlers. A few years ago he won the Asian Seniors in Singapore & he bowled a 300 to do it. When tough oil patterns are put out he just throws over them. He has won many Hawaii TV Bowling TV Shows against other PBA players like T.Reyes when he was here. You’re right, there are times when lofting can be a viable solution.

  9. Very useful video. Scored my first 600+ series (200+ average across three games) after watching and applying these tips. Thank you.

  10. I learned how to bowl on Duckpin lanes and back in the 50’s if the ball flew more than 6 feet down the lane it was call “lobbing” and was considered a foul! Of course it was much easier to do with 3lb grapefruit sized ball!

  11. You can also add loft when it’s super oily. I did one night and shot 300 the first time I ever tried it. Awesome tip

  12. I have a loft issue when I throw the ball harder. The slower my first step, the less loft I have. I also think in my head “slow feet, slow arm” and “foul through” “stay down at the line” when I bowl.

  13. Greetings to all of you at Insidebowling. I listened to one of your videos last week and followed the advice. I am 73 years old and I was really struggling. The first outing after watching the video I bowled a 196. Since then I have bowled a 208. My average has jumped at least 30 points. Once I get a new plastic ball to work on my spares, I think I will be a much better bowler. Yours is the best bowling help site on you tube in my opinion. Thanks.

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