32 Comments on “Pro Bowling Tip! How to Get Your Bowling Ball to Fit you Properly.”

  1. Good video this is definitely a must if you are serious about bowling. Our hands change day to day and with the seasons. I also use a little ultra slide . Good job. Like the upcoming premiere.

  2. Nice tips ! Thanks ! Question: even though you use the sandpaper very lightly, won’t it gradually enlarge the thumbhole? How often do you find you have to do that? Couldn’t an alcohol towel or some soap remove the oils also? Thanks !

    1. Hi there! It mostly depends on the bowler. Feel is something that will be different for everyone. Some will use both in the front and the back, some only in one of those spots, and some don’t use it at all. It’s all dependent on what feels best for you!

  3. I love my Vise I.T. thumb inserts! I used to lose at least two frames of consistency because of feel changes when I didn’t have my Vise inserts. Now I can switch between balls and my fit and feel is identical from ball to ball. No more lost frames!

  4. Last year I became a huge proponent of adjusting the feel with tape. This year I’m moving to an interchangeable thumb system because my drilling was inconsistent. Pretty sure I’ll use less tape this year because my drilling has become more accurate.
    Shannon, I really appreciate the insights you’ve shared on this topic!

  5. Hi Shannon, I definitely struggle with thumb feel, always have to tape in and out. But don’t use inserts, and I probably should.
    What brand do you suggest, or can’t you say publicly?

    1. ​@InsideBowling
      I want to know how Shannon grip the ball.
      I want to know the depth of the middle ring finger and the tips for holding the thumb.

  6. I’m a beginner and this video has just appeared at the right time as I’ve started to use tape for my thumb hole. Awesome thank you

  7. The more I get into trying to become a good bowler, the more I realize how the sport has such a high number of variables. Good video…

  8. What is the beat tape to use I’m thinking of getting some as my grip on my fitted ball doesn’t seem like I can use it without gripping hard to keep the ball in my hand. Any advice from anyone on my options would be amazing! 👌😎

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