19 Comments on “Pro Bowling Tip: How to Repeat a Consistent Follow Through”

  1. Just moved from conventional grip to finger tip grip so different and getting used to not trying to squeeze and muscle the swing. This video will be helpful in tonight training session

  2. You guys have great tips. I would like to touch on one you guys did a few weeks ago. Elbow pain. Is it possible for a change in thumb pitch to cause some elbow pain and discomfort on the inner part of the elbow? I changed my thumb pitch over the summer and have been experiencing discomfort for a couple months now.

  3. My arm crosses my body on my follow through. Everything else just doesn’t feel comfortable 😕 I’ll just stick with it i guess

  4. I have a really bad problem staying behind the ball lately. I’m turning my hand at the release. The harder I try the worse it’s getting. Any videos on how to stay behind the ball?

    1. Keeping your elbow tucked closer to your body will help with keeping your hand position behind the ball. Look up Rick Benoit bowling on YouTube. He has some good drill you can do and you don’t have to be at the bowling center.

  5. People just don’t get it man, you can make all those other kind of adjustments , you can hit your lay down point but don’t follow through you are in trouble, so many things I’m bowling got2b repetitive, thanks again guys.

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