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Your arm swing is crucial for consistency in today’s game. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross teaches you the four keys to a consistent arm swing. Learn how the direction of the swing greatly impacts your release and initial ball direction. Mastering these keys will keep your game on the right track.

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26 Comments on “Proper Bowling Arm Swing | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. I want to thank all of you who make and participate in these videos. I’ve recently started taking bowling more seriously, and all your videos have made my form and my game much better and much more enjoyable. Honestly, these are the best videos around and I appreciate all of you so much for taking the time out of your day to do this. THANK YOU!

  2. do you put any energy or force the ball on your swing when going behind you and also forward or do you just relax your arm all the way through and let the ball do the moving by itself? If the ball moves by itself, then my next question is why do players get the ball very high when the ball is behind them, that must be forcing it to go up there and not natural ball movement by itself ?

  3. I’ll try this today. I think not having that consistent line has been causing me to either release too far from the inside pushing the ball right or coming over the top trying to avoid my leg and releasing it way left and nearly ending in the left gutter . Thanks

  4. I seem to have the first part of this down fairly well. My first step is a cross over, my hand/arm drops straight down, but as the arm goes up it starts to drift behind me. It ends up being about a ball width inside my shoulder and head. Not sure what’s causing the shift in direction as it starts going up, but this is definitely been an issue for me as long as I can remember.

  5. Congratulations AOL Girls!!! I am so proud of your hard work & determination! Macy, I am so proud of you! Thank you so much Coach Chauvin for being Macy’s coach & teacher. She can’t stop talking about her steak!

  6. 1:58 Yes. This video is the key to better bowling. Thanks so very much. I spent 22 games last night practicing a swing totally on my own with no help at all. That’s after 3 months of going all around the alley dots and arrows until I was dizzy. Finally decided to take the advice given here for what it’s worth, turns out to be the key to everything over 170. I just lifted my game to a solid 170 thanks to this method of coaching. It was the sound effects that made the difference for me 🙂 I’m owning a straight arm now, just have to get the hand correct and off to the races!

  7. Hello again. Just wanted to say that this video has now pushed my game to the upper 180’s got a nice 199 (LMAO!!) just couldn’t bring everything in line at that last frame. Now I see that I’ve left out the crossover step in my system. I’m adding that today and see what happens.

    Also, with this video, and the others you posted, I don’t feel the need to go to Dallas anymore. You must be losing students this way. How do I pay for the lessons?

  8. Okay. I’ve just been through about 300 frames practicing this approach. I want to say it’s not working for me, however, there are way too many factors to judge like that. It’s not just the arm swing, it’s the position of the head and body in the upswing, and then the change in the position of head and body during the finish. Also, the timing, and if I could just get my arm swing straight, I would have all strikes!!!

    Also, the lanes I bowl at are extremely dry all the time 🙁 Makes just throwing for practice a total challenge. That, along with no air conditioning (they are doing extensive maintenance). Can anyone bowl perfectly while they are sweating up a storm just standing still??? I really feel the need to come to Dallas to work one on one with a coach. Can you work me in the schedule around June 16th at 10:00 AM???

  9. 0:28 and pause. This is the perfect finish position. I have been going over this swing frame by frame, and it just don’t look like I’m hitting it just right. I practiced on Shark yesterday with this approach. I had it a few times and got results that were very impressive. However, I just can’t seem to repeat the system perfectly over and over. …also, I wasn’t the only one who noticed the hot and humid conditions inside the building. I shot a 159 (my new average now) on the first game, then eroded to my old way of throwing bad games (8 of them). Arm straight!!!! can’t seem to get my brain to cooperate on that one. If I go to the Dallas Academy can I get this right in two days? (it’s very expensive to travel there (I can only fly first-class), and the private lessons are not cheap).

    I don’t know what I’m missing in this system, however, very excited to be going back to the lanes in a few hours to return to Shark and keep practicing. I’ve already carved a path through the oil and it’s on track with the pocket!

  10. that makes so much sense, get the body out of the way of the ball. i’ve been doing it wrong all these years. this should help, thnx.

  11. Great tips and techniques for otherwise you can be doing wrong/bad habits causing many gutter balls. Thanks for sharing for your methods for they will improve everyone’s game.

  12. what??? this dude literally taught me how to throw a ball. i am pretty damn sure he was the Pro at Sea Bowl in Pacifica. i apologize if im wrong but i swear it was him. he drilled the greatest setups ever. i have missed him since he has left. apparently he is doing very well!!! go ROD!

  13. This video helped me bring up my score from a 64 to a 98. Great advice which I will follow-up with practice.

    1. @Zaya925 No…. I thought he was joking. You ever seen anybody avg a 64? I’ve never seen it in 20yrs of bowling unless they were a child. So you a clown troll.

    2. The big takeaway here is that stand-up comedy happens during bowling league hours and the crowd doesn’t commingle. Nice crowds respectively

  14. I let the ball drop straight down like you said and it landed on my foot. I just got out the ER. 2hand bowling here I come.

  15. Now I know why I feel like im pulling the ball on release. I have a bad crossover step, so my timing is making my angles inconsistent since the ball has to go around me. I try to play closer to the gutter as a lefty cause playing straighter angles doesn’t feel right but sometimes it just goes straight in the gutter. I recently got back into bowling after not going since I was a kid and I really enjoy it, I got my own ball recommended by my local pro shop coming in soon. I’m gonna work on not opening up as much, I like to play the left gutter but I get lazy and open up and then my game goes downhill from there. Trying to not develop bad habits cause I would like to bowl In leagues in my area eventually, it’s a really cool community of people. Thank you for the help. I’m gonna try this out this weekend.

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