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Like with the essential equipment of any other sport, if you’re uncomfortable with your bowling ball fit, you’re going to notice inconsistencies in your game. Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney and USBC Certified Gold Coach Bryan O’Keefe discuss the basic things you should consider when being fitted, including hand size, flexibility and finger strength.

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29 Comments on “Proper Bowling Ball Fit | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. Gonna have to do this tomorrow.
    Though I’m sure Tore Torgersen haven’t messed the holes up on my balls. Don’t think I grip my ball too much when I bowl so. Though there has been times when I drop the ball behind me 😛

  2. just spent an arm an leg on bowling ball getting fitted, it hurts when I bowl (base of thumb) according to this its wrong fit. What can I do? I don’t want keep buying bowling balls

    1. +Ronny ronny Take it back to the pro shop that drilled it and have it adjusted. I’ve discovered my span is too big for my hand and I’m now dealing with bowlers thumb right now just like you. Taking my ball to the pro shop ASAP.

    2. Hi,If the base of your thumb continues to hurt as you play take the following into consideration:* Hole size is too small** If the hole is too small have it opened as large as
      needed to fit the thumb at its biggest. Use tape to adjust the size of
      the hole at the beginning of your games, when your thumb is smallest,
      and remove tape as your thumb swells.* Span is too long** Have your pro shop technician measure your hand for a
      relaxed grip so the distance from the thumb to the gripping edges of the
      fingers is comfortable and not excessively stretched.* Skin texture too tacky (moist)** Use something to dry any moisture from the hand and keep it cool with the hand dryer or other accessories.* Hole pitches incorrect** Have your pro shop technician measure your hand’s flexibility and adjust the pitched of any gripping holes accordingly.Below are a list of videos to consider and included are
      the topics you might want to look into. Simply click on the links to
      visit them on the Bowling Academy.
      Getting Fitted at a Bowling Ball Pro Shop (
      Proper Bowling Ball Fit (
      Bowling Ball Release Tips (
      Everyone’s hand is different and for a proper fit we recommend visiting an IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and
      Instructors Association) certified pro shop professional. They can
      advise you on the proper hole size and fit for your game.Here’s a link to find an IBPSIA technician in your area. for continuing with the Bowling Academy.Stephen Padilla

  3. hello , im erwin from philippines .. can you help me about a layout that good for me , my pap is 5 1/4 over 1 and im a tweener and about 240-280 rev rate … average speed, can you help me to have a layout that have a strong backend or sharo backend, lets say im playing on 41ft and i want to laydown my ball in 15 board or 12 board and goes to exit point about 7 or 5 board and hold to a second and hard snap on the backend .. can you give a layout on that , help me on that … and can you give me an idea what kind of ball , i have here a haywire , sync tour and nomad .. i hope you can help me ….

  4. Did anyone notice his mistake? He had his description of span reveresed. Said if grip is to far away you have to squeeze harder and if short finger would stretch and be at wierd angle

  5. I am pretty much screwed. I have an insane amount of problems with everything so that when I fix one the other gets worse (moist hand, ripping skin, span fluctuating, tacky thumb then all of a sudden can’t keep my thumb in the hole, having to grab on to ball oh wait I can’t get my thumb out, etc.) should I just get everything plugged and start over?

    1. I’m in the same situation as you… As soon as I think I fixed one problem, another arises 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. First he says that the middle area between the two knuckles should be in the middle of the gripping hole, then he says that the middle area  should be on the leading edge of the gripping hole….so what is it?

    1. Larry, the leading edge should be between the 1st and 2nd knuckle. He explains why the second time — too much arch if closer to the thumb hole. A good pro shop should be able to measure this if you ask for a finger-tip grip.

  7. apparently my grip is the worst. I bowl with the entirety of my thumb and fingers in the holes. anything less, and i tend to drop the ball (no pun intended) with my performance.

  8. So does this mean that my issue with handling the ball (especially bringing my hand behind it) is not a lack of strength one, but a fitting one?

  9. Ball fit is number one priority above learning the physical fundamentals of bowling. If your ball does not fit you properly you won’t have a consistent ball release.

  10. I never really bowled with my thumb until recently. A couple weeks ago i tried a few shots and when i went to release my thumb it would sound like it would “pop” out cause if it getting stuck ever since my thumb been in alot of pain.

  11. I only use my thumb for spare’s 🤷🏿‍♂️ I have to re-learn the game entirely so I can play in a league

  12. How deep should the fingers be drilled? I have an old ball that I’d drilled about half inch down and just got new ball before the world shutdown that they drilled further down? Will that make a difference?

  13. for heaven sake draw a line between her finger to make viewer understand what u talking abt. Bad bad video deserve a thumbs dn

  14. Mine is right at the first joint on my finger, i’m new to bowling just bought a ball and had it drilled, i really don’t know right or wrong but it just feels wrong to me

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