Quick Tips to Improve Bowling Targeting

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As with most sports, concentration in bowling is of the utmost importance. If you can stay focused on your target and execute your shots with solid technique, you set yourself up for the best possible scores. Likewise, if you just can’t seem to hone in on the target and you find that your attention is all over the place, you’re going to be in for some frustrating times on the lanes.

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46 Comments on “Quick Tips to Improve Bowling Targeting”

  1. I had the privilege of an afternoon on the lanes with Peter years ago in Canberra, Australia. We covered this stuff back then and I refer to it every time I make a bad shot. He gets it. Listen closely boys and girls!

    p.s. G’day Peter!

    1. I have known Peter for 25 or 30 years. I have gone from a 185 to 220+ bowler. I have am lucky to have him live in my home town.

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    2. I discovered a useful collection of videos that may help on Berts bowls guide

    3. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out lawn boy try Berts Bowls Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

  2. There was a short explanation on how to find out whether you’re Right or Left eye dominate for targeting during a recent airing of PBA bowling. What it didn’t cover was the what if your dominant targeting eye is opposite your swing arm…. I’m a right handed bowler but, I’m left eye dominate when it comes to targeting…. what adjustments do I need to make to aim better with my left eye bowling right handed?

    1. Hi,Here’s a video in the Bowling Academy addressing
      specifically what you’re looking for. Coach Lou Marquez and Coach Rod
      Ross will explain what it is, how to find out which you are and how to
      address lining up for specific eye dominance.Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.Bowling Setup Using Your Dominant Eye- Bowling Training Video (https://www.usbcbowlingacademy.com/video/bowling-setup-using-the-dominant-eye-005690/)
      Stephen Padilla

  3. Good video. Suck at bowling, really good dart player. Concepts between the two games are really close. Gotta trust the mechanics over the results.

  4. The art about what did you hit is SO true. I ask people all the time and they can’t tell me what the ball rolled across at the arrows.

    I know as soon as my ball hits the arrows whether or not it has a chance at a strike. I can also normally tell if I’m going to hit light or heavy and leave a corner.

    A ton of bowlers blame the ball, the lane, etc for not striking when in fact they can’t hit anywhere near the same spot twice. I tell people, be honest with yourself. If you miss, then say you missed, make the next shot and see if you need to move.

  5. i started my first league and was in last 3 weeks in, at that point i thought whats the worst that could happen if i throw aggressivly like i do in practice instead of away from the gutter on league nights. ended in 3rd. very proud of that. havent bowled for a year yet.

  6. Training and time ….be patient people .. once you train yourself to keep your eyes down at your target you’ll get better … and answer me something why do I bowl better when the back hurts more ?? This past week I could not sit but I hit a 723 ?? Every time I hurt I seem to play better!

  7. Me before watching the video: I’m gonna be a GOD at bowling tonight


    I don’t wanna go bowling anymore

    1. Did you go? Love it or go down in flames? I hope you see this and encourage me or get me to admit I can’t “fake” bowling. I’m reconsidering agreeing to go, but thinking perhaps I’ll pretend I’m drunk so my lack grace and form won’t be so glaring, or, tell everyone the truth. The problem is I don’t want sympathy, or seven teachers/critiques, or extra attention. *I’m a pretty naturally coordinated person and do physical stuff well. If I can fake golf… oh, this is never going to work. I want to become friends with all these people, so if I’m keeping my amateur status secret they may sense I”m not genuine and think it’s to hide something far more nefarious.
      Hold up. Still want to know what happened with you Flaminate. As for me, I gotta keep it real. I’m going to ask the host how competitive they pay, making sure I’m not a league substitute, just in case I bowl as if I’ve never touched a ball, which I haven’t, so it’d be real. No matter what the response, I am telling the host how excited I am to finally do something I’ve wanted to try for decades.
      Just want to get ONE ittiy-biddy little pen, or pin, to fall. New goals. Yippiee.

    2. Cheers for this, been searching for “how do you throw a hook in bowling?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Piylivern Remarkable Predominance – (just google it ) ? It is a great one of a kind guide for discovering how to up your bowling game quickly without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  8. Pardon me, have an important follow-up question I hope someone will answer before Monday when I am bowling in real life for the first time. (Great at Wii bowling, but I suspect the skills don’t transfer and a big ball is not a little plastic controller.) What IS my target? Is it one of the first arrows or the dots?
    At nearly 60 years-old, figure I need an excuse to get out of the house and learn something new. Never mentioned to the people I’ll be bowling with that I’ve not done it before, so I’m trying to get enough strategy to fake it, or at least not be a menace to society. Thinking this may be harder than it appears. Yikes. Oh well, gotta do something as the pole dancing class was full. There’s always next year for that.

  9. I lowered my average a point Friday to 168 (but at least the team took all 7 pts – we’re in 2nd place with 15 wks to go). I’ll do some practice this afternoon if I can get a lane and try concentrating on what arrows I’m rolling over. The 10 pin Is my sworn arch enemy, though. I’ll experiment with moving several boards left, like in the graphic. I usually stand within a couple boards of the 2nd arrow and roll kind of straight ahead, waiting for the break. The local HS coach wrote down a list of where to aim for various spare combos and that helped somewhat. My lifetime best game was last year…a 265. Well I guess I had an Oreo cookie practice session, except the cream was on the outside…I rolled a 220, a 146, and a 203. I hope I can do that (except for the middle game) this weekend. I really concentrated on the arrows right ahead of me and it seems to have helped. Moving far to the left didn’t do any good. I can’t get that kind of a hook.

  10. thanks… was looking for a simple tip and got it… bowled 4 games today and not sure i stayed locked in on my target more than 5 times… great tip… deep breathe lock in on target….$1 games tonight at aloma lanes in orlando after 9pm… gonna go and practice…

  11. Thank you so much for that information. This improved my bowling abilities on and off the court. Thanks so much and I hope to learn more from you. Peace

  12. I have a question . I have a new 15 lbs storm tropical surge. Im standing with my left foot behind the far left dot. Im right handed and I target between the secend and third arrows from my right. I had to move to two steps from the fowl line to slow the ball down and swing slower becouse I’m over powering the ball. ( I want more power ) so should I try to put more rotation on the ball so I can go back to being four steps away from the line. or put more traction on the ball by sanding it with a lower grit truecut . so I can put more of my stranth into it

  13. I am continuously doing drills to improve one “thing” in my throw. As a result, I am pretty concerned with did I hit or miss my target and by how much, therefore I keep my eyes on the target until the ball has passed it, then I look up to see how it behaves on the rest of the way to the pins (or gutter).

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