Randal Dunbar with a Chance at 300 in 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Stepladder Finals

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During the opening match of the 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Boys Stepladder, Randal Dunbar has the first nine strikes. Here's his 10th frame.

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30 Comments on “Randal Dunbar with a Chance at 300 in 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Stepladder Finals”

  1. Kid throws a beauty!!! Well done. Back in 90s I won 300-278 then lost 300-289 in back to back head-to-head games…brutal…

    1. @Anthony Davella THat’s sick. Damn!…I remember watching Danny Wiseman…bowl brilliant and still got our asses kicked…at least we got respect…845 is better than my best 800 ever, 836.

    2. @MrSimmies my 1st 300 was on the worst pair in the house. I wasnt great but I have 5 300 games. I won an all events and got to bowl in the Masters, not too bad

  2. Wsy to go! Nice game.
    My high game is 267, I bowled from about age 7 to 41 lots of games in the 220-245 range just couldn’t get them strikes. By 12 I had filled in a shirt with all kinds of patches from high game in my league to all spare game, 7-10 split maker it was crazy I was never able to pull off a 300, respect to all those that have!

    1. @CONSPIRACY REALIST – Wow. Even on a bowling video? You need to start charging Biden rent for that space he takes up in your skull.

  3. I don’t know, I was told once that if you didn’t use your thumb, you weren’t a real bowler! 😂 Props to that kid! That is an amazing feat!

    1. There are purists in every walk of life. Coulet you imagine what the world would be like if every one went “by the book”?

  4. Great job, Randall Dunbar! To achieve perfection at your age is phenomenal 💪😃… maybe some year down the road, we will see you on the PBA tour- congrats, Randall!!

  5. Can’t believe there were people bowling on the other lanes. Everyone in the house should have crowded to watch him try for a perfect game. Congratulations!

  6. Was really cool to watch! Preshot routine was the same before every approach, same concept as golf, Love it!

  7. ball doesnt even whack the floor, just quietly takes its place and slides gracefully into the pocket. amazing!

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