Rare split conversion by pro bowler Dick Allen

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3-time PBA Tour champion Dick Allen converts the nearly impossible 2-8-10 split during the PBA Bear Open finals on CBS Sports Network. For more info, visit pba.com.

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25 Comments on “Rare split conversion by pro bowler Dick Allen”

  1. yup ive made it once… but it was bouncing out the 8 into the 10… never the 7-10… still insanely hard to do!

  2. Wow, and I just got finished bowling pot games crossing the same pairs against this same dude (D. Allen) tonight. In one game, he shot 280; I had a distant 235 or something like that. 

  3. I have had the good fortune of making the 3-7-9 5 times ever. Three of those came in the 2012-13 season. The amount of luck involved is too high, pins have to bounce around too much. Mr. Allen’s conversion was flat out awesome.

  4. This is probably the hardest of any split to convert. I’ve made the 7-9, 8-10, 7-10, and Greek Church, but have never got close to this despite leaving it hundreds of more times than those others.

  5. Back in 2011, I had the honor of bowling with Richie at the USBC Masters in Las Vegas. I’m probably not the 1st person to say that this is the most down to Earth, respectful, helpful, and humble bowler I have ever met. I was there as an ametuer and despite bowling in a major, he still gave me hints and tips as we went along. Between our turns, we would sit at the table and talk about anything and everything. It didn’t matter if it was about bowling or not. It was well worth the trip and the amount of money paid just to have this experience. I was afraid to start chatting with him but it went the other way around. He started the conversation with me. Oh, that’s a hell of split conversion right there.

  6. I got this once. I hit the two and missed the eight, but the two somehow managed to bounce back and blasted the eight into the ten. It was majestic.

  7. I don’t remember if I ever converted a 2-8-10, but seeing as we’re all tooting our horns here. Back in the ’04-’05 season I’ve converted the 6-7-10 3 times nonconsecutively (3 separate occasions)

    1. I took a bowling class in college in 1984 because I needed two units in P.E. for my degree and to learn to use a proper curve instead of my lifelong straight ball. When the teacher was out sick one day, we were just practicing since the lanes were ours anyway for the hour. I got a 4-7-10 split, and since I had no clue how to get that with a curve, I rolled it straight down along the gutter and picked up the spare. My classmates were in shock, asking how in the world I did that, and I said, “I’ve been doing that all my life. I’m here to learn how to do it right!”

  8. I’ve made the 2-4-8-10 one time before, but never the 2-8-10. I’ve tried throwing a backup ball and almost got it but the ball didnt tick the 8 hard enough to knock it over ._.

  9. I’ve never had this very difficult split in my 23 years of Bowling, never left this very difficult split not one time in my 27 seasons of League Bowling play, and not even one time in my 35 years of being associated with Bowling, I have never left the 2-8-10 split, that was an amazing conversion in a crutal time in that match back a few years ago.

    I’ve made the 2-10 combination like 5-6 times over my career, the 3-7 combination 27 times, but never left any very difficult split like the one here, the 2-8-10.

  10. One reason it’s so rare is that very seldom would you even try for that 1% chance of getting the 10 to bounce back into the 8. More often, you’d be looking to just cover the 2-8 with the ball to get count. Maybe if you had a good backup ball, you could cover 2-8 from the left and take a run at sliding the 2 over….

  11. I swear you can find just about anything on YouTube. I was watching bowling on tv and an unlucky bowler got this split. It looks even more difficult than the 7 10. I came here to see how it could be possible to convert it.

  12. I’ve actually made this before, thought it was tough but needed a little luck to pick it up. Never made a 7-10, though I rarely have been in the position.

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