16 Comments on “Reactive Bowling Ball Rolls Like Urethane? NU Blue Hammer First Look w/Matt Russo”

  1. Because it’s technically not Urethane, it doesn’t have to meet the hardness rule or does it? Awesome job!

    1. It’s not urethane so it doesn’t have to meet the hardness rule, therefore it is 73-74 hardness, not 78+

  2. This ball looks interesting for sure. Hammer makes one of the best balls ever, the Purple Hammer, and because some people complain and think it’s boring to watch the PBA bans it. Kudos to Hammer for still putting out great equipment!

    1. or conversely maybe people wouldnt complain about boring purple hammers if they were this pleasing light blue color instead of basically black

    1. Well Matt uses this thumb so technically it is a one-handed release. I guess that balances things out? 🤣

  3. Do we know if this is a reactive coverstock? Not too much info on their official website. Also watched other people review this ball and seems like nobody is really sure what material this coverstock is except that its not urethane lol

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