Roto Grip | Jason Belmonte Explains The Duo Reaction

Jason Belmonte tells us how he saw the Duo's reaction the the PBA Players Championship. Take a look!

Roto Grip is proud to announce its partnership & support of Big Brothers Big Sisters. With the assistance of our very own mentoring duo, “The Shafanie Duo”, we will not only be supporting BBBS at various events across the country, but we will also be donating 5% of our sales to domestic distributors to aid in the development and support of children within the program. So, if you are looking to make a difference both ON and OFF the lanes, then the DUO is the right choice for you!

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6 Comments on “Roto Grip | Jason Belmonte Explains The Duo Reaction”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball roto grip Duo bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

    1. @scotty thompson COOL TECH TROLLING by scotty thompson who doesn’t understand bowling ball technology. DUO DOES NOT HAVE NANO TECHNOLOGY ….. when are YOU going to understand that ??? COOL TECH TROLLING OF ALL BOWLING VIDEOS >>>>>>>>> SCOTTY THOMPSON >>>>>>>>>

    2. ​​@JRR Tolkien its coverstock is relatable to ReX, which has some nano in it, not a lot, but some

    3. @Tyler Hernandez It is NOT. You are in error. Stop spreading falsehoods. I KNOW the composition of the ball. I work with Roto Grip.

    4. @JRR Tolkien so since you work with Roto Grip, might wanna chnage the design intent and description of the coverstock. “This coverstock technology is a banger regarding performance in the pearlized category . Featuring a 100% nanoparticle load dispersed evenly throughout, this pearlized concoction provides traction and response to friction while maintaining its surface profile over a longer period of time to ensure you get maximum performance each and every time. For the record, the pearl version of MicroTrax displaces oil at the highest rate of any of the pearl covers we offer today. Basically, as our token of our appreciation and thanks to you, we gift you added forgiveness on those not-so-great shots off your hand.” Copied and pasted straight from the website. You need to chill out dude

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