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This Gem is Magic. Coming 10.20.23

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19 Comments on “Roto Grip | This is Magic”

  1. I’ve needed another big asym piece so I’ve been looking at getting an exotic gem, now you’re telling me there’s the magic gem 😂🤣

    1. yeah they honestly push new products too quick. and then youtubers push every ball as the next best thing better than sliced bread house shot killer. I need a good benchmark asym too.

    2. It’s a HYBRID …. what we’ve been waiting for …. a Hybrid Gem has been available overseas for months now ……

    3. @Ibpsupplyman is that the purple gem?? Also this is a stateside release right?? It won’t be $299 for us Americans to buy an overseas ball

    4. @JohnR3 yes, this will be the stateside release of this ball. I’m sure it will be like the other Gem releases, you could probably get it from Bowlers Mart or places like that for around $200. But then, you’d have to pay to drill it, unless you can do it yourself. So going to your PSO operator may be another option, but then you’ll pay more, probably in the neighborhood of $235-250 for it, which includes the drilling.

  2. Seeing how Roto Grip released a solid and later a pearl version of this ball, I assessed that a hybrid was in the works.

    1. You and everybody else, lol🤣🤣. The bowling ball industry’s business model is easier to predict than a sunrise… no matter what’s released first, solid, pearl, or hybrid…if the ball is successful, the other two versions inevitably follow.

  3. Hybrid Gem w Microtrax, Finally, I’m a big Hybrid Coverstock fan, and I love to have two of them, one polished and other dull, with different layouts.

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