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Storm's Randy Pedersen explains how to choose a bowling ball for the beginning bowler, league bowler and tournament bowler. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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14 Comments on “Selecting the Proper Ball (Part 3)”

  1. i am a beginner and im thinking of buying a plastic one but will it spin like other balls ?? i just care about spinning because spinning the ball makes the game more fun

  2. If you want a ball to hook, learn how to roll it properly. The ball manufacturers have duped the public with all this technology. I use a Brunswick Custom LTD (a hard rubber ball) from the 70’s and it hooks on any lane condition; granted some more than others, but that is where you learn to adjust and play the game more accurately. Spinning the ball looks cool but bowling well will make the game fun.

  3. im a 2 handed bowler like jason belmote and use around 8 ,9, 10 pound and i like to spin so i can get more strikes so do u have a ball that could help me on that so it spins on a hook i right handed as well as 2 handed on bowling

  4. I dont know what to say before i got my own ball (columbia 300)i used like 5-6 months ago house balls but although I do play with 2 hands I managed to get some crazy revs so crazy that it started to hook hard at the middle of the lane…………….like wtf I am only 15 years old

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