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    1. Because for most of us, before every shot, there should be a moment of composing yourself and preparing for the shot. Be aware of oil conditions, review what happened the last frame when you bowled on this particular lane. Repeat the shot if you struck, adjust your target, ball speed, or entry angle if you missed. There’s a lot to prepare for. This drill is for those who tend to over-prepare and end up throwing the ball with no smoothness because you are stuck on mechanics.

  1. I really needed a drill like this. I’ve been overthinking so much my avg went from the mid 220s down to a 160.

  2. This may have been the best advice I ever got. I am so in my head about bowling at the moment. “If you think, you stink”. So many tips and videos and perspectives. I just need to let my body do it’s thing and relax. We worry so much about swing, release, approach, etc, when we should just relax and throw the ball. Such essential and helpful advice to those who overthink the game while still learning.

    1. Gotta love feeling like a million bucks ready to throw >800 walking in… and then you remember you body only knows what a ~500 avg “does.” In shooting we focus on taking over-thinking out of the sport and in bowling it makes perfect sense. Keep working. You’ll be great man!

  3. Pro Tip – Pick up your bowling ball and bowl like all the clueless teenagers that have no idea how to bowl. 🙄

    1. No, the tip is to not overthink, don’t freeze in the ready position and do a million checklist things if that’s what’s you’ve been overdoing. The tip is: Pick up the ball, walk up to the lane, and in a natural motion just do your push-off, back-swing, then swing your arm forward and release. We’ve all built up some muscle memory and your body already knows the proper rhythm and timing. This drill allows you to throw the ball without tightening up and overthinking, as lots of us do.

  4. The great Mark Roth was some what of a grab and go he would some times be 7 steps some times 6 I do not believe 5 much if at all, seemed to work rather well for him.

  5. This is one of the best tips that I’ve heard and actually used myself. It allows me to be fluent and not tense nor grabby. Thanks

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