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Spares are an important component of every bowler’s game. USBC Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla highlights the key aspects and tricks of spare shooting as a two handed player.

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32 Comments on “Spare Shooting as a Two Handed Bowler”

    1. Although possible, it is often found to be more difficult. First, it is difficult to be accurate throwing like that. Second, every time I’ve tried it I almost broke my wrist. Third, you have to read the lan and oil, often in an area you haven’t even thrown in yet, making it even harder. I find it much aside to not have to read lanes at them by throwing straight at it (yes, it is possible with 2 hands)

  1. What if you’re trying to shoot the 10 pin on short patterns. I know that two handers can hook plastic on short patterns and I myself as a one handed bowl can also miss them on short patterns and it hooks and I have a problem with making them on short patterns even with my hand behind the ball. Any tips?

    1. try making all of your fingers close together. pinky right next to your ring finger and index right next to your middle finger.

    2. BowlingTopics Ross back your hand out of it causing end over end roll like ej tackett and the ball wont even move

  2. two handed aproach is actually slow for me, and i started bowling first two hands rather than starting at one hand, one hand at my bowl is actually quite faster

    1. Techy Troubleshoot yeah, you are doing it wrong obviously… Osku Palermaa hits almost 30 mph when he bowls. No one handed player has ever gotten above 19-20. I hit 15-16 when I bowl and my ball takes 1.8 seconds to hit the pins just about

    2. It’s all personal preference really. I always struggled as a one handed but now that I’ve switched I feel much more relaxed and comfortable. For people who do the opposite and switch to one handed from two handed in my opinion is harder. You are going from relying on your second hand to be your “thumb” so to speak and you are going to have to learn how to get the thumb out. That is just my opinion. I’ve made my commitment and I’m glad yours is working for you.

    3. one handed bowlers can throw the ball faster because they have the ability to generate a higher backswing. two handlers can’t do this so they have to compensate by making their approach tempo quicker

  3. Please tell me what is a good weight of ball for spare shooting if your strike ball is 15-16 lbs.? I would think a lighter one be more control but too light would give unpredictable deflection on multi-pin spare shots if you are used to throwing the heavier weight.

    1. A good weight of ball for spare shooting is the same as the strike ball. A lighter one can offer more control and speed but can also affect timing and rhythm. We recommend no more than one pound difference if someone chooses to try a lighter spare ball.Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

  4. From what I seen in this video is that he kept his target the same which was the 5th arrow I believe(25th broad). My question is what broad did he stand on when he threw at the 7 pin and 10pin?

    1. Hi,In Anthony’s explanation of adjusting for a 10 pin and the
      video showing his footwork he begins on board 33 (center of his left
      foot) and moves to board 30. His finish position at the foul line is
      approximately board 38 (again center of the left foot) in the video that
      follows of him shooting at the 10 pin. This would indicate a lateral
      movement left of approximately 8 boards or so from initial start
      position to finish position.
      The video where Anthony shoots the 7 pin spare shows his
      finish position at the foul line on the 29 board. Since we’re unable to
      see his start position if we assume 8 boards lateral movement again that
      starts him on the 21 board to shoot at the 7.
      Keep in mind these are approximations and without asking
      Anthony directly there may be slight adjustments, as he mentioned,
      depending on the lane condition.
      Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.
      Stephen Padilla

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