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    1. What? You are blind because she literally smiled 10 times in the video. I don’t understand people like you. Thinking you could dictate what someone’s mood is. Who’s cares about your opinion? Oh, good comment though.

  1. Great video! I’ve had several try to explain this to me but your explanation was very clear. I forget to subtract a foot or two when the ball come off the pattern, and I’ve been throwing it too fast to get an accurate read.

  2. Good tip. We have AMF lanes so no range finders but we have 1 guy that throws his first warm-up about 12 MPH (his normal is about 17). I asked him once why he does that and he said just to get loosened up but I’m thinking he is checking the lane. He is a secretive type bowler. He has helped me a little but I can tell he holds back on what he shares with me. The guy is a nuclear physicist so pretty bright guy…lol. Pretty sure our league uses about a 38′ THS so gonna try this next time out. Thanks!

    1. If the lanes are very dry the main options are to move your feet and target further inside to try to find more oil on the lane. Sometimes the oil/dryer line that may have started at 2nd arrow, can be in as far as 4th arrow or even deeper if there has been a lot of play on the lanes. Another option as well as moving is to use a weaker or more polished bowling ball. The other main option would be to increase your ball speed. Thanks for watching and good luck on the lanes!

  3. Keep ‘em coming I luv it have to start writing them down. Long list can’t remember all.

    1. All the tips I been reading some I remember and some I don’t I m 67 but my key ones I remember! Thanks again.

  4. Hi Shannon..great video…I also have the Gem…I bowled last night and I just can’t seem to get my ball to hook at all on these lanes I bowl at now…possibly very oily….do you have any suggestions to get my ball to hook on these conditions…Thanks so much

    1. The Gem is a very strong bowling ball, so if it’s not hooking due to too much oil you could add some extra surface with abralon pads to help. Depending on the pattern, you may also have to move further outside with your feet and target to find more friction. The other possibility is that the lanes are actually too dry and the Gem is hooking too early and then not hooking on the backends. If that’s the case you may have to move further inside with your feet and target in order to find more oil to help delay the ball hooking as early. If the lanes are super dry, you may have to use a weaker ball than the Gem. Hope this help and thanks for watching!

  5. When you get older than 50 your first ball in practice isn’t much faster than 10 or 12 mph lol

  6. 🤦🏿‍♂️ I saw Shannon at our local bowling alley in Birmingham, AL last Wednesday and was to nervous to ask for an autograph hopefully I’ll see her again at the World Games

  7. 10 to 12 mph is my normal speed! 😆
    So I guess I just bowl normal and see where the best reaction is. 🤷‍♂

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