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Transitioning from League to Sport bowling can be tricky to navigate. USBC Gold coach Stephen Padilla discusses how to make this transition, as well as the differences between the two environments. The biggest difference is the challenge of the pattern you are going to bowl on. Sport patterns are more challenging than league patterns.

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11 Comments on “Sport Bowling vs League Bowling | USBC Bowling Academy”

    1. @Daimien Taylor I don’t know what that is, but around me a dive is the best we have. It’s not even the worst one.

  1. lol at where is this special bowling house… it’s in Dallas Fort Worth. They will always have the best conditions to present to their future hall of fame bowlers.

    Also, LMAO at the advice on always making your shots and spares :0 Well, only if you want to score in the upper numbers, ROFL!!! It’s better to just get a strike so you don’t have to sweat the spares.

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