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Core technology has remained unchanged for decades, but today that changes. Inertia is a property of matter that states an object will stay in it's current stay until an outside force changes that state. We at Storm have changed the way we look at our cores. Today we begin a new path of bowling ball technology that gives you, the bowler, an advantage. We look into the advantage of A.I. Core Technology.

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11 Comments on “Storm | A.I. Core Technology | Amplified Inertia”

    1. @Kwu Northstar here is my latest specks ,axis tilt 20 deg, axis rotation 60 deg, rev rate 225 , ball speed 14-15. Any suggestions on a layout ,

    2. @Jack Witterstaetteryour local trusted pro shop lol

      Nah but really though they’ll base off current arsenal watch a few shots then they’ll get to the specs.

  1. You want the advantage 2.55 rg solid asymmetric. W/ inter diff .005

    Now do an asymmetric summit with the cover hybrid of the original MVP

  2. Great video. The Summit looks like such a great ball. I’ve seen a lot of people throwing it and it looks so good!

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