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Core technology has remained unchanged for decades, but today that changes. Inertia is a property of matter that states an object will stay in it's current stay until an outside force changes that state. We at Storm have changed the way we look at our cores. Today we begin a new path of bowling ball technology that gives you, the bowler, an advantage. We look into the statistics of A.I. Core Technology.

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23 Comments on “Storm | A.I. Core Technology | Amplified Insight”

    1. ​@Bowling XP !they explain how they changed the core structure so it will transfer energy differently. IDK what more they could explain that you would understand.

  1. Awesome content.
    My new DNA put 20 pins on my game, so I already decided my next ball would be another DNA
    Something to think about now.

  2. 1) Tests like these have been done many years ago by both USBC and in Asia. The problem with using a ramp is that you are bound to have the ball having already “rolled out” so with the core in a stable position, so the ball doesn’t even try to go left. Which is not very often in real life bowling. So the results aren’t exactly comparable.
    2) You mention the law of large numbers from math, but then you say you did 200 shots total. This is a miniscule amount in order to start evoking the law of large numbers.
    3) You don’t really mention what causes this supposed extra % of strike carry. YOu just mention that you lowered the RG more and increased the Diff more. But we already know the permitted limits of both, and already hundreds of balls on the market are flirting with those limits already. So what is so special about this one, that merits a commercial or film like production and slow motion and inspirational narration and all these promotional tools ?

    1. I agree here. They also do not account for Rev rate and ball speed. Speed can make you ring a ten just as easy. Your also banking that EVERY rack is perfect on the deck and not a single pin has a slight offset. I would say the balls ability to read the lane and give you the control you want would sell it more than 3% of strikes. Interesting video though

    2. The first video in this series explains AI core and a bit on how the structure transfers energy differently

    3. @Championship Bowling You mean their 2nd video. And i watched. Explains absolutely nothing. It’s just trying to impress but actually explains nothing about what is different with this “new technology”, or how it works. In other words both videos are full of clever marketing. Which would be fine…IF there was also some science behind, instead of emotional tricks.

    1. @Erik Knudson EXACTLY …. He TROLLS EVERY bowling video imaginable with the same ridiculous comments

  3. Love Storm. Always on the forefront of technology. Always a head of the curve trying to see the future ahead of all others. The best brand and marketing on the planet.

  4. The higher strike rate was achieved by a different coverstock. This comparison is only valid if the coverstocks are the same.

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