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Core technology has remained unchanged for decades, but today that changes. Inertia is a property of matter that states an object will stay in it's current stay until an outside force changes that state. We at Storm have changed the way we look at our cores. Today we begin a new path of bowling ball technology that gives you, the bowler, an advantage. Get ready to take a deep dive down A.I. Core Technology.

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14 Comments on “Storm | A.I Core Technology | Official Trailer”

  1. So they’re adding a geometric shape to the core, instead of it just being round? I assume the idea is that shape of the core positively affects the ability of the weight block to do what it does.

    1. Umm… cores are nothing BUT geometric shapes… an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes actually, and it’s nothing new. I seriously doubt that there’s ever been a perfectly round core, as there’d be no point in doing so. It’s the dynamic weight imbalance the core shapes provide that gives us different kinds of ball motion….a round core with even weight distribution wouldn’t do that. 99.97% of cores aren’t even close to round, whether they’re symmetrical or asymmetrical, and with or without a flip block.

    2. @Not Onyourlifeyou’re conflating the core with the weight block encased within it… or the outer core with inner core. A 3 piece ball is cover, core, weight block. Yes, weight blocks are widely varied and unique, but cores are almost universally round. The core shown in the video, core not weight block, was geometrically altered. I’m guessing this new core shape positively enhances weight block performance in some way.

    1. @Nevin Kinzel I will not say yay or nay on that, what I will say is that Dynamicore doesn’t change core numbers all that much and if they didn’t do anything to the weight block inside density wise, I thinks there’s more to it.

  2. Inertia. A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by another force.

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