Storm Bowling | Carol Norman Spotlight

Carol Norman has been on Storm National Staff for 26 years. She retells the story of being on staff as well as other memorable moments of her career. Sit down and enjoy this look into Carl Norman!

3 Comments on “Storm Bowling | Carol Norman Spotlight”

  1. It’s great to hear from Carol Norman. She and Donna Conners run a fantastic operation, and their services (ball drilling, assistance with ball choice, coaching) are second to none. The last time I saw her throw a ball, she looked better than ever. UCanBowl2 staffers and students typically have the most exemplary form you can imagine, just like Carol herself. Well, pretty much like Carol. Anita Arnett is one that comes to mind. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Carol!

  2. Love going to Carol in Houston to get our balls drilled. She knows whats she doing! We drive 3+hrs just to see her!

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